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Holsters, mag pouches, grips and knives for sale or trade

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by tiburon, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. tiburon


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    Oct 31, 2002
    Hi all,

    I have the items below for sale or trade. I will continue to add items as I go through my safe. : )
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Discontinued Spyderco SPOT with Micarta scales/plain edge
    99% condition with box --$55

    Spyderco Delica combo edge, newer version (C11PSBK)

    Discontinued Spyderco Spydercard mostly serrated
    Excellent + condition/no box--$50

    Old School frn Delica (partially serrated) with a custom neck sheath. The sheath is for the frn Delica only-fits perfectly.--$35
    Excellent ++ condition/no box

    Spyderco 701 profile set-two small sharpening rods (one fine and one medium)
    New in a leather case--$25

    Kershaw Sea Hunter dive knife-blunt pry tip version. Diver's sheath with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles.--$25
    New-no box.

    Remington fixed blade. Guthook and leather sheath. Looks like an older knife, stamped "Made in USA"-- $20
    99% condition-just some storage marks

    Four factory 10 rd mags for HK USP 45--All four for $90
    99% condition (some storage marks)

    Factory 10 rd mags for Browning Hi Power with ejection spring--All four for $90
    99% condition (hardly used, some storage marks)

    Bianchi leather double mag pouches for 9mm double-stack magazines (black or burgundy available)--$20 each
    As-new, no packaging

    White Pearlite grips for the Browning Hi Power (Ajax Custom Grips)--$25
    As-new in package

    Bianchi IWB holster Model 100, Size 10
    99% condition/no packaging--$20

    Galco Miami Classic (MC252) ahoulder rig for Sig P230, tan leather/RH with double mag pouch--$80
    As-new condition in Galco packaging.

    Bianchi 7 tan leather/RH holster for Sig P230 (thumbreak)
    99% condition/no packaging--$25

    Galco WB252 suede/RH IWB holster for Sig P230 (thumbreak)
    99% condition/no packaging--$15

    Bianchi suede /RH IWB holster for Sig P230 (open top)
    99% condition/no packaging--$15

    Bianchi 19L tan leather/RH holster for Sig P230 (thumbreak/fully lined)
    99% condition/no packaging --$30

    MecGar 1911 Govt. model magazines, blue, 8 rd (four available)
    Hardly used-some storage marks on mag bodies $45

    Five Factory Sig P230 magazines, blue--All five for $95
    Two have been used and have insertion marks, three are 99% or better (may have some storage marks)

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    I am looking for:

    Ergos for 1911 (black)
    Galco PHX213 holster (1911 LH-tan)
    Galco FX400 holster (USP 9mm compact RH-tan))
    Galco DMC22 mag carrier (9mm double stack-tan)
    Tripp 1911 magazine rebuild kits
    HK USP 45 FS 12 rd OEM (not stamped LE only)
    Spyderco Gunting
    Emerson Persian
    Avet SX
    Torium 16

    THANK YOU for looking!!