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Holster Recommendations

  1. I think it's about that time to get a IWB holster for my Glock 26 (when this virus pandemic is over I plan on getting my CCL). After doing a little research I think I would prefer to carry around the 3 or 4 O Clock position, does anyone have any recommendations on a good holster that boasts comfort as much as possible (I know comforting > comfortable) and conceal-ability? I live in CA where it gets a bit warmer so preferably something breathable as well.
  2. JM Custom AIWB 2.5 Mod-Wing......IWB #3......Quality!
  3. While I don't know how "breathable" you would say it is when I am carrying in the 3 o'clock position I like the versamax 2 holsters. They are made by Milt Sparks.
  4. I got very nice holster from Urban Carry that is molded to fit my gun exactly. Leather is very close grained and nicee. And it doesn't collapse either.
  5. Hidden Hybrid (Made in Ohio).
  6. The Glock Sport Combat Holster is always one to consider.
  7. Milt Sparks SS 2 is really good. Anything coming out of that shop is high quailty.
  8. OK...it's like this. Start buying holsters. After you've spent a grand, let us know what you settled on. Believe me, it's the only way.
  9. Bravo Concealment Torsion IWB kydex holster

    I have one for each (my G19 & my G26), but typically just use the G19 one for either gun. I especially like the way it tucks the butt in without having to have an extra piece like a claw & that the belt clips are offset so the entire package is thinner. I know kydex doesn't "breathe" but I've never had a problem with this in the summer in OR. Bravo.JPG
  10. Comfort. Stealthgear USA venticore hybrid holsters.

    I use the appendix carry model

    but this model is for the 4 o’clock position.

  11. I ordered this one today for my G26. Good reviews.


    The Revenant IWB (Inside The Waistband) Holster

    • Patented Tuckable Design
    • Firearm-Specific Polycarbonate Pocket
    • Combat Cut Backer
    • Durable Leather Surface
    • Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
    • Soft Suede Backing
    • Secure Twist Release™ Retention System
    • Patent Pending LockDown Clip
    • Adjustable Cant
    • Two Week, Try It Free Guarantee
    • Lifetime Warranty
  12. The Crossbreed Super Tuck.

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  13. I have the same holster for my G43X. Love it, rides very nice and does pull the grip into your hip. HIGHLY recommend
  14. I really like my Blade-Tech Nano. It's one of the early kydex ones. But I will admit to often using a Klipt-Appendix at 3:O clock. The Nano doesn't change cant angles like the klip-appendix does so the grip stays in the same place better. BTW the G26 is my favorite concealed carry gun.
  15. OR you could just purchase a Milt Sparks Criterion, avoid the box of holsters syndrome and save $850.
  16. Get a steel core belt.

    Trust me, you need a STIFF belt, it will make all the difference.

    For all day comfort, I find holsters like alien gear cloak tuck, stealth gear or crossbreed are most comfortable.

    The G26 is a great carry gun, but you need a belt to support it and a quality holster.
  17. I like the Stealth Gear Revolution.
  18. I use an Adams holster for the G26 when I carry it, it’s very comfortable but there’s a wait time on it.

    One of the best things for carrying IWB is getting a good gun belt
  19. For IWB I have a Vedder LightTuck for every pistol I own.

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  20. I was hooked on the Vedder LightTuck. Carried either my G42 or my P365 in one religiously for over two years.
    Never really liked the Indian burn feeling of the Kydex on my skin while wearing my T-shirt untucked during the summer months.
    Well I decided to try something different. Ordered a Vedder RapidTuck Hybrid with the horsehide backer for my G42. What a comfortable holster! Exactly what the doctor ordered.
  21. I initially went with the same holster in a combat cut. I just couldn't get used to how big it was, the extra material against me holding in the sweat, the lack of retention when it was taken off.
    Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks. It is good to have choices.

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  22. BH ,
    Sounds like you ordered Vedder’s ComfortTuck holster with the dual belt clips. The RapidTuck is a single clip leather backed hybrid, similar in size to the LightTuck. It is not offered with a combat cut. ATTACH=full]770776[/ATTACH]

    Here it is compared to the LightTuck. IMG_3213.JPG IMG_3218.JPG

    I agree with your opinion on the large size of the ComfortTuck. On top of that it is designed for strong side 3:00-5:00 carry, whereas the RapidTuck can be worn strong side,appendix, or even cross draw.
  23. Not sure if Stealthgear has any competition yet in the comfort department. With their backing a little more flexible and breathable, it really does not matter how cute the kydex/leather/nylon is attached to it, it will always be more comfortable than any backing that does not flex/breathe. I have owned ALL of the good stuff in leather above $150 and while they look great do not compare in the comfort department.
  24. This. I use one almost every day.
    If you're not interested in appendix carry, the UBG Canute is an excellent leather holster with a lot of cant. I carry my 1911 in one at 3:30 regularly.
  25. Yea, it was the Rapid Tuck. They cut it special for me after some conversations back and forth. Their customer service, in my experience, has always been top notch!

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