Holster hunting, need help from a seasoned scout/guide...

Discussion in 'GATE Self-Defense Forum' started by dosei, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hello Mas & thank-you for taking the time to lend a helping hand,
    I have a dream/fantasy holster that I'm always hoping to someday come across. I've often asked for help in the GT "Carry Issues". But since what I'm looking for is deemed undesirable by the majority of GTer's, I've yet to get any help there. Essentially, I am constantly on the lookout for a Milt Sparks Versa-Max II or Mitch Rosen ARG-DL style holster with a thumb-break.

    Key things I'm hoping to find:
    Quality construction
    Dual belt loops/clips, rear loop/clip offset away from holster (front does not need to be offset, but can be)
    Reinforced mouth
    ...and, if possible, tuckable

    I am aware of the excellent LFI Rig by Ted Blocker. However, it lacks the offset rear loop/clip that I have found helps greatly to pull the grip of the gun snug against the body. I am also aware of the holsters produced by FIST Inc., and that a thumb-break is an option on any/all of their holsters. I have often been tempted to order the FIST #20, with the thumb-break option and the kydex lining option. If Brigade Holsters wasn't so snowed under with orders, I'd try to talk them into making a M-11 holster with a thumb-break similar to their M-1 holster. But Brigade is so back-logged they are not even accepting new orders, let alone custom one-of-a-kind requests.

    So, are there any holster makers out there that you are aware of who make a holster along the lines of my "dream" holster?

    Thanks Mas

    btw...my current set-up is a SA XD45 Service Compact in a KyTac Braveheart IWB holster, spare mags in KyTac OWB mag carriers. Comfort and concealment are superb and the retention is excellent for an open top holster. I'm just fond of the exceedingly positive retention of a thumb-break holster.
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    Dosei, Mitch Rosen can build the ARG with thumb-break at customer request. He doesn't feel it's necessary to the holster, but started doing it as a special order item for LAPD detectives back when they were required to have thumb-break holsters for plainclothes guns.

    I have a thumb-break ARG he built years ago for my Glock 30, and it is SWEET!

    best wishes,