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Hollywood area Security guard companies?

  1. I'm only interested in armed security guard work. I don't feel like wearing a shiny badge and not having anything to back that up should the situation demand it for my safety.

    What companies would I be looking at in this area?
  2. wackenhut
  3. Just so everyone knows. I worked security 3 months unarmed in the past. quit do to messed up management and policies in WI.
    I am not former LE for any security company that demands that I can't do.
  4. Wackenhut, Wells Fargo (armored cars/ATM service). 40hrs of basic training for your 'D' Security Officer License. More training/$$ for your 'G' Statewide Firearm License.

    Most places will pay for your training for the D license, but want you to get the G on your own. I did it for awhile when I was still on active duty (G license), as a second job. The money sux, just so you know. I made more money delivering pizzas.

  5. I'm a little confused. Someone posted a link for concealed carry. I would of course ccw anyways unless it was in an illegal area. I meant armed as a firearm that was being shown. But maybe the security guards down here do it differently then in WI since there was no ccw there?

    In WI armed security brought in a much higher pay check I was told, but unfortunately worked with a company that did not offer that.
  6. Passive,
    That link above is to ALL the licenses issued by the Division of Licensing. All of the Security Officer licenses are in the first two sections, along with the 'W' license that you just applied for (Concealed Weapon). Interesting caveat to all of this...unless things have changed recently, as a Licensed Security Officer, you can't legally carry concealed (even with a Concealed Weapons License), unless SPECIFICALLY/AUTHORIZED licensed to do so (which is a whole different process than any of the above). It's a wad of red-tape, I know. Welcome to Florida! Just trying to save you a little hassle.

    My point is that Contract/Private Security is HIGHLY regulated in Florida....and no, Armed Security does not make significantly more that Unarmed Security.
  7. I am a former superviser with Wackenhut and have done other security work with other companies , the pay differance is only a dollar or so. Also do not expect the company to support you if you have to use your firearm , wether it is a good shoot or not.If you get sued , your on your own. Be preprared for long hours .. The closest thing they have to LE work is patrolling the Railways here in South Fla.
  8. If im not mistaken. In Florida you must be a Class G licensed Security guard to even work armed security.