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I'm hearing good things about the new gen 5 finish. Anything would be better than the gen 4 finish. I really want a new G43, but I won't have the gen 4 finish. So, I called glock to see when it would be available in the new finish. "No plans to make the G43 with the new finish". So here's the deal. I will not buy a glock until they do. Anyone else feel the same.
I have no problem with the Gen 4 finish but I'm not buying a G43 until Glock makes a factory 7 round mag for it that I can carry as a spare.

The other thing is that I'm hearing bad things about the Gen 5 finish such as that it's too slick and that it's harder for some people to grip the slide, but you can't always believe what you hear. And I'm not buying a Gen 5 either until they get rid of that stupid front magazine cut-out.
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