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Holder, Justice, Politics: His views..

  1. Q: Should someone who sees Voter ID requirement as a racial issue qualify for the position of AG of the USA?

    I do not think so.. http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/politicizing-justice_701329.html

    As for the Justice Department’s Voting Section, the Holder years have been marked by an aggressive effort on the part of the section’s lawyers to use the 1965 Voting Rights Act to nullify state voter-identification laws on the ground that requiring people to present a photo ID at the ballot box disenfranchises blacks and other members of ethnic minorities.
  2. he got that idea while doing a armed takeover of a rotc office.
  3. If an cop pulls you over for speeding and asks for your driver's license is this a racial issue?

    Let me introduce this spin. If I'm black (or white, hispanic, Asian, whatever) and don't want to vote because they will ask me for a voter ID/photo ID card-is this the type person you want casting a vote in the first place?

    I mean if you are black and vote...the person handing you the ballot knows your black, right?
  4. Voter ID disenfranchises no legal voters.

  5. There it is, I think- the reason for the rabid reaction from the Democrat organized crime network.
  6. Who in today's society doesn't have some type of ID card?

    I just don't see how race is an issue when it comes to identifying yourself at the voting booth.
  7. Democrats oppose voter ID because they're trying to facilitate vote fraud. It's really just that simple.

  8. Too bad the Republicans are so amorphous of spine; maybe we'd get an organized attempt to kick some ass and inculcate some reasoning ability.

  9. Voter ID insures the security, integrity and value of one of our basic rights to select true representative Government.

    Even Government itself is supposed to run on the basis of "Checks and Balances" to verify the integrity of the system. Why cannot my vote have value also. The chance of illegal voting dilutes my right to select my Government as a citizen.

    The claim that illegal voting is inconsequential, is the same as saying that robbing one bank has little effect on the financial system, and should be ignored. I am being robbed of my legal vote.

    Every single illegal vote robs a legal voter of his rights.