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Hold my meth pipe & watch this...

  1. Why was he charged with two counts of vehicular homicide? Only one person died.
  2. The two vehicular homicide charges allege Prokasky caused Oestreich's death by operating a vehicle in a "grossly negligent manner" and while under the influence of a Schedule I or II controlled substance.

    Two different offenses. tom.
  3. You are as dumb as the dumbest of the people you hang out with. Sucks when other people pay the price for an idiots judgement.
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  5. Hold my meth pipe & watch this...

  6. He was charged with "two felony counts of criminal vehicular operation", which probably stem from the fact that there were two additional occupants in the car, one of whom died as a result of the drivers dumbassness.
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  8. I was thinking more like...

  9. Is anyone shocked by the fact that it was a Ford owner involved?

    Prokasky told the deputy he was driving his 2004 Ford Escape..

    If you pay attention to what's happening a definite pattern starts to emerge about certain vehicle owners/operators.
  10. :cow:
  11. There is no hope for people on meth. You might as well put them out of their misery. I am not being facetious. there really is no hope for these people. The have lost their souls.
  12. Looks like they charged him once for criminally negligent homicide and once fo a DUI-type homicide - one victim, but a separate charge for each theory of how he committed the crime. Looks like maybe just the way they do charges up there, like how some states indict you for a crime and all of the possible lesser included offenses. Here we just charge you with one charge for one victim and all theories and lesser includeds are covered, but other states have their own ways.
  13. The guy must be a newbie meth head. Still has teeth and isn’t covered in sores. Won’t be long and he’s going to be part of “The Walking Dead”.
  14. Too bad he wasn't a Kennedy, he'd get off scot-free.
  15. Wouldn’t have even been charged and records sealed for eternity.

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  16. I don't want to hijack but lots of people have been on meth for more than 20 years and still look normal.
  17. Right.......
  18. I HAD neighbors-a 53, and 54 year old sons, that still lived with mom next door. Both of them hard core meth users/abusers. They have both been on meth for well over 20 years.. About 3 years ago they could still walk around, and talk, and appeared somewhat normal. You knew something was "off" but could not quite put your finger on it. They still had all of their teeth. Now, in the last few years, things have really taken a bad down turn for both of them.. One brother has lost at least 4 teeth in the last year.. The other brother got arrested and went to jail for some years and maybe that will save his life.. The one that did not get arrested is losing hair in patches, losing teeth, and his extremities are starting to shake.. Like he is developing Parkinsons. So, I agree with what manfred stated that they can hide it for a long time before severe physical defects begin to show up. Maybe it's the AMOUNT that they are doing, or the frequency. Not all dopers are using every single day.. I mistakenly envision all drug users to be just stoned every single second of every single day.. It still surprises me to hear that there are weekend hard core drug users.. I assume that it starts out that way and then morphs into a 24/7 habit that eventually kills them.

    I've always heard that the lifespan of a meth user is fairly short. At least that is what I have read.. However, the cock-roaches from next door have been drugging it up for over 20 years and just recently are starting to show signs (cumulative?) of the side effects.
  19. Lots more... don't.

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  20. Reading this I see the scene from Armed and Dangerous at the dump. tom.