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HK USC vs SIG 556

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Looking for a good quality and hopefully make into an SBR some day, and wondered which would be a better idea?
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The Sig 556 is probably a better option. There are probably a few SBR 556’s out there. A few police supply places I went to used to have them. I got the 556 SWAT. No plans to SBR. I know a few places that had USC’s. The magazine capacity and sock were horrible. If they they came with a double stack magazine, traditional stock, and threaded muzzle, I would have bought one. But stock form I dislike, and the cost to convert is a bit and risky for quality.
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Love the Sig 556 series and I missed a factory SBR years ago. Always regretted that. I enjoy mine (different later configuration) but parts are an issue now. Parts kits are practically unobtainable (luckily I have a few) and the factory rear diopter and Swiss style non adjustable stocks are also rare. I won’t part with mine as it’s always been a grail gun and I have the factory Swiss non adjustable stock and the factory diopter but I wouldn’t recommend anyone jump into one for the reasons above.
Not familiar enough with the USC but you can at least get the Tommy Built Tactical version and have some kind of support. I have been wanting a G36 but the $h!+ show is getting going so it’s on the back burner-if it ever happens.
Wow the parts are expensive for the 556 now. What parts did you get? I have so many random parts for weapons now, I don’t want to get too much more. But I do want to shoot my weapon and replace basic parts thru wear and tare.
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