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HK P30sk P2000sk accessories

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SOLD ......SOLD......ALL SOLD......

Mags sold. Barrel available $150 shipped.

For sale are accessories for an HK P30sk. They are brand new in their packages and never used or put on the gun.
1. SKU: HKP-16702Brand: HK PARTS HK P30SK & P2000SK 9mm Threaded Barrel - 1/2 X 28 - Fluted;
2. three HK VP9sk and P30sk 15-round with grip sleeve,
3. two VP9SK, P30SK factory German manufactured extended rubberized magazine floor plate fits all VP9SK & P30SK magazines. The perfect floorplate if you want a place for your pinky when grasping the firearm. This is a direct swap for the standard flush floorplate on the VP9SK, P30SK & P2000SK magazines.

I spent over $412 on these accessories which are brand new and unused at all. Asking $300 shipped, paypal ok or PM for address for check. Price drop to $250.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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