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After 150 rounds of shooting the Arex Rex Delta, I pulled out the HK P30. The Rex is a carry size gun and the P30 maybe more a duty size gun. Anyway, when I pulled the HK out, it just felt so nice in my hands. "Oh yeeeeh!" I said, "This is a Cadillac!"
The First load up was Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ and here are the first three shots on paper at 14 yards:

HK fed paper.jpg

No misses on either steel at 18 yard. Here was six-for-six on one of those 18 yard steels!!

HK fed steel more.jpg

Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly. (Well, it is Federal!!) At the gong at 25 yards and the popper @30 yards I missed one shot, going 5/6 on each!!
Here is the popper at 30 yards. I believe one hit is covered up with the rear sight!:

HK fed popper more.jpg

I had three knockdowns at 33 yards. I went two-fer-three on two knockdowns and 1/1 on the other (and the wind took it down the second time).
Now @50 misses!! Here is 13/13 at the 50 yard steel:

HK fed far steel more.jpg

Two of those shots were taken Double Action!

Next load up was Federal - 100g - CC BallistiClean and here are six shots on paper @14 yards with that:

HK fed frang paper.jpg

Now, since this was frangible ammo, I got up close and personal with the large steel. This is the steel I normally shoot at 50 yards.... but this time I was more like 5-7 yards away! I was doing the "Collateral drill" (but with just one target). I would draw, fire once from the hip DA....and then two aimed shots at the head SA. This ammo ran without a hitch also!

HK fed frang steel collateral drill.jpg

I tend to pull left when shooting from the hip (even left off off the target) but with the HKs double action I shot pretty decently!

Totals for this pistol:

357Sig: 670 rounds representing 13 loads
40S&W: 0 rounds representing 0 loads

Parting shot - HK P30 with Federal! 2/3 on the gong @25 yards:

HK fed gong.jpg

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I just posted about getting a hankering for a P30 in 357sig and had forgotten about this thread. Thank you for the review and pics. That hankering is getting stronger :cool:
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