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Hip Hop & Hollowpoints

  1. Hip-Hop Executive Arrested On Weapons Charges

  2. What a dumbass.

    Everybody knows a .380 is more effective with round nose.
  3. A rapper carrying a .380?:wow:

    Should have been arrested for that alone.
  4. :rofl:............where the hell did he even find ammo for a .380 ?
  5. It wasn't fully loaded if it only had 6 in it. Wheres the +1? Silly rappers.
  6. It's always strange to me to read of other people being arrested in other states and in big trouble for something that isn't a crime where I live.
    Oh how horrible! He had a gun for self defense, what a dreg of society...
  7. And let's watch as everyone skewers the bad black rapping man for carrying a gun where prohibited and then scurry off to another thread and beat their chests proudly while exclaiming "I'll carry where I want! Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!"
  8. Seriously? Who cares. His profession probably requires him to deal with shady characters in seedy parts of the city. This crap is ridiculous. Hip hop exec. or not, it was his right to have a means of protection. It's not like he had a "throw away Tec-9" with the serial # filed off and a 40 oz of OE.

  9. Dude, check your watch!

    Time to take your meds, eh?
  10. I'm sure there will be people proving him right, or at least would've until he said something.
  11. If I were an exec. for a record label I wouldn't be caught with a keltec.
  12. When did NYS make HPs illegal? :dunno:

    Did I miss something?
  13. They are legal, he must have been arrested for not having a pistol permit.(or maybe another NYC only law) In New Jersey they are illegal
  14. MTV News got something wrong in the article. Shocker. :whistling:

  15. For a while last week there was a rumor going around my office that I was getting transferred to open a New York office. I looked up the gun laws in Jersey, NYS and CT...wow, I love Washington State!
  16. i dont think they are illegal in NJ either. just illegal if used while commiting a crime. perfectly legal to use at the range.
  17. How on earth did you even find this story?
  18. Racial Profiling, of course.
  19. What do you wanna bet those NYPD cops were telling stories about getting "cop killer" bullets off the streets. When we people realize that cops are not babysitters here to make sure your shoes are tied and your nose is wiped?
  20. Aha!!!!!!!!!!! Caught you red handed!
  21. I thought the thug calibre of choice was the .25 auto? Gat with Birdman sights of course.
  22. When I feel like I need to make a personal attack because I have nothing substantive to say about the point being made... I generally don't post at all.
  23. If so I hope it stays that way unless we can convince them Air Soft is the coolest option. :wavey:
  24. This may explain the absence of NYC Drew....

    IIRC, he had a fondness for puppy dogs, smooth jazz, and hollow points.
  25. Calm down.

  26. :rofl::rofl:
  27. Hit that nail right on the head!
  28. "I got my glock cocked cuz ****** want these"

    "And got sounds for the *****es, clockin' all the riches
    Got the hollow points for the snitches"
  29. Damn!!! The economy must really be bad. A .380??? He had to give up the nine or the for-tay
  30. Last time I checked, they were not legal in NJ to posess in a loaded firearm.