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Hiking / Bikepacking rope: 50' of paracord, or twice as much lighter cord?

Discussion in 'GATE Survival & Preparedness' started by Lindenwood, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Lindenwood


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    Oct 27, 2011
    In the same space I can pack either my 50' of paracord (550lb safe load), or about 120' of ~1/16" twisted nylon cord with a safe load capacity of 235lb.

    Which you guys would rather have? I don't have any particular desire to do any unplanned climbing or other dangerous stuff. The most common use would be rigging things together, stringing up my shelter (a tarp), and other non-risky things like that.

    Part of me likes the idea of the paracord because, within the limits of length, I KNOW it can hold just about anything I would need to do with it. If I find myself in an emergency where I need to use it to support a person, I'd have no reservations doing so. I also presume that the paracord is more durable under hard use.

    On the other hand, the thinner cord obviously gives me more than twice as much length of line for various uses, and is MUCH cheaper (a few bucks for 550'), so I wouldn't feel bad for cutting it up out on the trail if I have to. Further, I figure if I do end up having to support a heavier load, I could always double it up and safely manuever 450lbs, and still have more length than the same size of paracord.

    So, just curious, which do you guys think would be overall more useful?
  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge

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    Oct 8, 2007
    Personally, I would opt for the paracord, for the reasons you mention.