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Hiked the Appalachian Trail today, and carried my S&W 637

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And, here’s my 637. Ended up hiking 5 miles over fairly mountainous terrain.
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I miss "hiking". I used to love exploring new terrain. All my life, I could walk all day, or until someone stopped me... In my pre-teen years, even without wearing shoes!
Yesterday, I took Carol's car in to have a better dash cam installed, which took a bit over an hour. I walked around Best Buy once, then walked the 1000ft (-+) length of the plaza it was in. Sadly, I had to take a break halfway! Oh well, getting old has it's drawbacks, but it's part of the bigger process I guess.
Enjoy it while you're able --- which I hope, is for many more years.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts