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HighNoon Horsehide IWB for G29 or G30

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High Noon Tailgunner for G29 or G30. Barely broken in. I bought it here on the forum a couple of months ago. It is the horse hide version ($134.95 retail). It comes with two sets of straps, tan and black. However, the snap broke on one side of the tan straps so I use the black ones. I'm sure HighNoon would fix it for free if you sent it in. I just never got around to it. Below a link to the holster. I lost my camera in a float trip this past weekend so no pics for here yet - which is why I'm selling a few things - to buy a new cam. I'll try to borrow my roomie's after he gets his lazy butt out of bed.

$75 shipped - paypal only please.

I'm daaaveman on ebay too with a 100% rating. I'm in St. Louis if you'd like to do a face to face.

Description from the site:

The Tail Gunner with its unique[FONT=MS Sans Serif,sans-serif][SIZE=-2] [/SIZE][/FONT]stabilizer wing, further insures the holster will not rotate or shift positions. It features a rough side out design for additional grip to the exterior, 15 degree forward cant, leather lining, a synthetic reinforced holster opening, that is crush resistant for one handed reholstering. Additional features are an open muzzle design, stitched in sight track, tension screw for adjustment of the draw and a slide guard which prevents the slide, hammer and sight from wearer contact. It is made to fit up to a 1-3/4 belt {1-1/2" is optimum}and is available in right or left hand, natural finish. The holster comes with 1-1/2" natural finish straps, as pictured. Additional straps may be purchased separately {1-1/2 or 1-1/4 black, and 1-1/4 natural} IDPA Approved.
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