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Highest capacity carry gun

  1. What’s your highest capacity carry gun that you regularly carry? I’m usually carrying a Glock 19 Gen 3 but thinking of carrying my Sig P226 that will hold 20+1 rounds. Just trying to decide if that extra 5 rounds is worth the increase in size and weight. Neither of which bothers me terribly but the size difference is not negligible. I do shoot the P226 slightly better but not by much.

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  2. Slap in a Glock 33-rounder to any 17, 19, 26...

    I think there's an aftermarket 100-round drum for those, too.
  3. Buy some Glock + Extensions...

    It will give you 17 +1 in your 19. And they look cool jk
  4. Have you been running out of ammo recently? Why do you think you need more?
    I think a G19 is as big as I'd ever even consider for EDC. Maybe add a +2 or higher baseplate instead of going to a bigger, heavier gun.
  5. Do you plan on missing a lot? My Triggernometry is one bullet per bad guy. Some time after your second or third shot all the surviving bad guys run away or give up. :cop:
  6. The real reason they sell.
  7. The 19X is 19+1. Should be plenty!
    Colt with 8+1 is probably better, though.
  8. Carry regularly? That'd put me at 6+1 with my 43 or LCP. Unless I carry my J-frame....

    I do always carry a spare reload. So, 13 or 10.
  9. My highest capacity gun is 12+1, although I only carry the 12 rounder as a spare. The gun is loaded with a 10 round. You should carry the P226, tho, and probably a half dozen or so spare magazines. Can't ever have too much ammo.
  10. Only have one active carry gun. A Beretta APX Compact 9mm with 13+1.
  11. SiG P320 X Compact: 15+1 in pistol, and 21 on hip.
  12. If I lived in or traveled through one of these places where self defense is just as likely to look like combat with a rage mob, I’d probably feel better with a 17/34 with a few 33rnd mags stashed in the car for good measure.
    As that’s not the case for me I’m good with 10+1 in my little CZ Rami.
  13. When you put it like that, the P226 doesn’t sound like a great idea. Truthfully, I have a number of Sigs and love them to death. They shoot so well for me and are pure class (the P series ones anyway). But I can never justify carrying them. The Glocks just make better carry guns, no way around it.

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  14. Why not just carry an extra mag or two?
  15. I now carry a Sig P365XL, and stock, it is 12+1. I'm seeing the 15 round mags out there, but I'm not interested in them. Currently I'm happy with the 24+1 rounds I'm currently carrying, and a third magazine would give me 36+1. Of course, having 3 15 round mags gives you 45+1 if you went that route.
  16. Carry a P365 sometimes with a 12rd +1 and two 12rd mags.
  17. riewpolar Carry the largest pistol you can CONCEAL well . Practice carrying extra mag or mags also concealed and then practice magazine changes while doing so smoothly and quickly over time . Sounds like your heavier and larger sig would be a better house gun than carry gun !!

    Might be times a still smaller pistol than your glock 19 could be wanted too .

    I don't feel under gunned with a 45acp commander on my hip , just carry an extra 10 round mag or 2 over a double stack 40 or 9mm .
  18. Regularly? 15+1 in either the EDC X9 or Glock 19.

    Before my back started bothering me I carried 18+1 in the 226. Seemed plenty and with the slim Legion grips it conceals really, really well (about like the Glock 19 on my body), just the 43 oz is too much for my back all day.
  19. Capacity, while nice - has never been an overwhelming point in my choice for a carry gun. Over the last 35 years I've carried guns with 5 shot capacities to guns with 17 round capacities.

    My duty guns over the years were a Beretta 92FC 13+1, SIG P226 15+1, and SIG P220 7+1 (later 8+1). Off duty guns were usually a SIG P225 or P239 wit 8+1.

    In 2005 I switched to the Glock 19, then during 2016 & 2017 I carried single stack 9mms with 7+1 and 6+1 capacities (Walther PPS M2 and Glock 43). Then back to the 19s until earlier this year.

    Current EDC is my MR918, a 15+1 gun. I have always carried 1 spare mag with the exception of on duty uniform carry - then it was 2 spare mags.
  20. G26 12+1 with a 17 round spare mag most days. If I'm travelling, I'll add an extra mag or two at 17 or 19 rounds.

    So 30 most days but up to 66 on road trips. There's also the G17 but it doesn't get carried regularly.
  21. Glock 43, but I did put a +1 base on two of my magazines.

    No, I don't need more capacity.
  22. Not knocking the comment as an extra mag is of course a good idea, but I did find it interesting that Active Self Protection in over 800 civilian self defense shooting videos, did see people run dry, but not one successful reload in the actual fight. In police shootings, lots of reloads.
  23. S&W Shield w/ 2 spare mags. That gives me ~25 rounds total, in a setup that is ridiculously easy and comfortable to carry. Is it possible that I'll need more rounds? Of course. But if I do, I might just be toast no matter what.
  24. My G45 w/OEM 24 rd. mag. as a spare when I hip carry or when I wear my Miami Classic the two 17 rd. in the mag. pouch.
  25. Regular carry? 5 rounds in a 357 revolver. Typically 38+p for stuff that walks upright. Have a 5 shot 41 magnum for woods carry.

    That being said, I have purchased holsters for both my double stack 10mm's, and one for my pmr-30, which is good for 30 rounds of 22 magnum love. Considering switching up the daily carry to the pmr-30. I have only had it out to the range a couple times, I want to see if go thru 5 mags worth without a malfunction before I consider it for carry.
  26. Kel-Tec PMR for the win. 30 rounds of 22 magnum per magazine. :dancing:

    On a serious note. I do own a PMR30 and CMR 30 carbine and would not rely on a 22 magnum for SD/HD use. Though I would not hesitate to grab the PMR if that is what is handy at the time (around the house).

    I've carried many different pistols over the years, capacity ranging from 6+1 to 15+1. Yes I always carry a spare magazine with the small single stack pistols. If 12 or more rounds are not enough, you are in a situation that you should have tried avoiding in the first place.
  27. +1 for a G19/26 with "happy sticks".

    Slap one in a cargo pants pocket or stash a few in your car for those times when that Marxist liberal arts major (the fat one with the tattoos and short purple hair) and her horde of soylent orbiters demand that you "share the wealth".

    Also, the drum is a Beta C Mag from Beta Co.

    100 rounds of back the F*** off, for when you're no longer concerned with "concealed" carry.
  28. In the woods I carry my 30+1 round PMR-30.
  29. Are you talking a concealed EDC? Glock 19 is probably the biggest for comfortable concealed carry. Otherwise, a 17, 19X, or G45 would be my choice.

    I carry a 17/5 on duty and nowadays either a 26 or 43 off duty. And my 19X in the woods (sometimes a 20SF, but there's really no need for it where I'm at or go).
  30. I wouldn't plan on missing a lot but it gives you the warm and fuzzies to have a few on tap in case they regroup or try to flank. Or there's a whole bunch of 'em.
  31. 6+1 (G43) or 10+1 (P365)

    with a back-up mag: 6 or 10/15

  32. 10+1 in a 365 is what I use.

    I have a SIG Tacops with 20+1 rounds and a G20 as house guns, but I never carry them (except G20 if hiking in Appalachia). The extra rounds are NOT worth the increase in size and weight for my wants and needs for routine carry, but are great for the home and range. I do shoot the TACOPS better than my Glock's.

    I have 10+1 in a 365 for carry. I don't even bother with the 12 or 15 round magazines that are available for it from SIG. I like the idea of small, and the 365 with flush fit mags is the path I follow.
  33. Yes, the Rittenhouse theory. Also known as the Kenosha Hat Trick. :flag:
  34. SIG M17 21+1 factory mag
  35. Police train reloads. I don’t see many people training reloads (or really training at all) while at the range, unless they’re getting instruction from someone.
  36. Get a side car holster from trex or tier 1-- they hold my G19 (15 +1) and a spare magazine (17 with +2 base plate). That is 33 rounds GTG.

    I have a trex sidecar and really like it. The trick is to run your belt offset to the opposite draw hand. That way the belt buckle doesnt interfere with 12 o clock carry position (my favorite way to carry).
  37. Too Soon??? haha
  38. CZ Rami and HK P2000sk. Rami is 10 round with 14 round spare mag. HK is 10 round with a spare VP9 mag that holds 15.
  39. vp9 mags hold 17 now
  40. So my take from that is that civilians didn't need extra ammo or rounds to stop a threat. Low capacity single stack pistols from 1911s to polymer pistols like the M&P Shield have been extremely popular for years, and are carried more than double stacks. Then you have states and counties with mag limits as well. I'm not seeing nor have I heard all the instances of civilians running out of ammo and then being killed or hurt afterwards because of it.

    Also, I doubt that people ran dry, had a reload, was still under threat of serious harm, but choose not to reload their guns. If your argument is that reloads aren't needed for lower capacity 5-7 round pistols, then is a pistol that holds 15+ rounds needed?
  41. More often than not, I'm carrying a 5 round S&W 640 Pro Jframe or a 6+1 Kahr Mk9. I carry reloads for both. I have comfort, concealablity, and extra capacity all checked. If I'm not carrying on of those, it's a 13+1 Beretta APX with a 15 round reload.
  42. I carry my 26 with a 19 spare available that I put in as the primary mag if I’m going somewhere that makes my neck hairs raise up.

    Anybody carrying a pinkie-dangling subcompact with extended mags or full sized mags should practice emergency reloads with those mags. You will need to train your pinkie which will want to keep a hold of that mag to let go when you drop it.
  43. While I carried my fair share of double stack duty pistols over the years, the highest capacity double stack I ever wanted to personally own uses 12rd magazines. It's an identical model to one of my duty weapons for a while.

    Mostly, the single and double stack pistols I carry as retirement weapons have 6, 7, 8 or 9rd mags, and a couple have 10rd mags. (Same ones I carried off-duty.) I'm not particularly a capacity junkie.
  44. I mostly now carry P365 with 10-round mag and one spare 10-round mag.

    Before that, main EDC was a P239 40, so 14+1 rounds.

    For now, if I must travel to an area where demonstrations/riots are even a remote possibility, it's G19.3 with two 27-round mags while in the car.

    While I don't personally EDC a ton of rounds (due to comfort), I don't fault those who do. If I could get away with it at, I'd have a Batman-style utility belt with 3 or 4 mags, grappling hook, etc.
  45. This is interesting and squares with my belief that in an actual civilian shooting, what you have in the gun is what you have. The civilian will be so freaked out, he may not even remember he has an extra mag, let alone have the sang froid to do a successful mag change. Of course, anything can be trained into a person.

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  46. The Kenosha shooting was interesting. If you watch and listen to the videos, that 17 year old let off a barrage of rounds (AFTER he shot those three people), probably to keep the crowds from converging on him. Almost like suppressing fire. If you have hordes converging on you, and you go this route, either out of panic or a well thought out strategy, I can see burning through your ammo quickly.

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  47. Not planning on having to use cover fire . 7 plus extra mag .
  48. When I carried my G26 I carried with a G19 mag and Xgrip. So that was 16 rounds, the same as if I simply carried my G19. I have not carried my 19X but if I did that would bring it to 20 rounds.
  49. This is the only carry gun you need.

  50. That could well be true, but I also wonder if it’s that police tend to pursue and continue to engage, while in civilian gunfights both parties are often happy to disengage the opposite directions after a volley.