These items are new, with the exception of the PL-880 which is a very lightly used two years old, the Tecsun H501x & Sangean ATS-909X2 are essentially the last of their kind we will ever be seeing produced, both are perched right at the top end of the portable communication receiver class, with multiple filters, 10hz tuning of SSB, and full spectrum HF coverage. Cost retail per unit is,

Tecsun H501x= $320.00-$400.00

Tecsun PL-880 = $170.00

Sangean ATS-909X2 = $280.00 - $400.00

These radios are essential gear for preppers, or anyone looking to stay in touch with worldwide, or national events, and do keep in mind that HF transmissions cannot be censored, or effectively jammed! All three sets superbly tune SSB transmissions, the H501 & 909X2 do so down to 10 hz, which results in excellent demodulation of Military & LE HF communications.

$500.00 for all three bundled, or.

H501x = $250.00 shipped conus

PL-880 = $100.00 shipped conus

ATS-909X2 = $220.00 shipped conus

I will accept paypal, though USPS money orders are preferred.