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Mopar or no car
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This rifle was CUSTOM ORDERED from LMT. You have to be an LMT dealer to order complete rifles. This rifle has NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE BOX.

Chambered in 5.56mm NATO / .223. This weapon is factory new. This is not a parts build. This rifle comes with a factory warranty. Features the LMT CQB MRP top end; full-length integrated rail and QD barrel. If you aren't familiar with this rifle, you can change out barrels/calibers in about 30 seconds. Comes with a 16 inch chrome lined barrel with birdcage flash hider. See pictures below. Buyer gets all the factory paraphernalia: owners manual, rail covers, torque wrench, sling, etc. Feel free to email or IM me with any questions.

This weapon also features LMT rear sights and a chrome-lined chamber and chrome-lined 1 in 7 barrel and the LMT SOPMOD stock.

It still has the fingerprint of the builder on the lower reciever. Did I mention it's new? This rifle cost me $2100.00 and took almost 2 months to get. I'm in the middle of building a car and have come up short on funds, so it's GOT TO GO.

Price is $1800 SHIPPED TO YOUR FFL. Not looking for trades.

Email address is [email protected]

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