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Hiding a gun when needed

  1. Today I had to attend a meeting on a government base. I forgot that I had my pistol with me, remembered last minute, so I had to hide it. I found a good place in town and stashed it away. The plan worked. It was there when I returned an hour later.

    Has anybody else had to do this?
  2. jesus christ no?

    did you stick it under a bridge or something ?
  3. I used to do deliveries to the federal courthouse in Denver. After OKC, they would go over your vehicle with a fine tooth comb, inside, outside, under the hood and under the chassis.

    I had two stashes and would seperate the upper from the lower in two different locations.
  4. No. And I would never even consider doing so.
  5. Where did you stash it?
  6. Yeah I stick mine in a zip lock baggie and hide it in the toilet tank at the choke and puke.

  7. I may or may not have been in the security line at Atlanta's airport, realized my pocketknife was in my pocket....crap!

    I wasn't about to track down the USPS office and pay $30. to ship it home...I thought and though....checked out the pay phones, nah....finally went outside and lit a cig by some bushes where the cars go by....and OOPS, it fell out of my hand and landed in the pine straw (after I accidentally kicked it too).

    got back from Monterrey, Mexico 5 days later and very anxiously went to that bush (3rd from a sign....don't forget!!) and it was there.

    I'm glad TSA is there....we're all so much safer not having a knife with us on the plane. You could sit on it and hurt yourself.
  8. That sounds like a very bad idea.
  9. Kinda curious, what kind of location did you hide it in?

    Why not politely ask if you can leave it at the front desk because you forgot you had it with you?

    Not tryin to say it in a mean way just a suggestion because well things happen like this and if it works it works
  10. I like to hide mine in the milk crates behind the coffee shop before important business dealings inside...

    What's the color of the boathouse at Hereford?
  11. You should have keistered it.
  12. yeah..id like to know where you hid it also..
  13. You wouldn't believe this $#!*, but it's true:

    I know a guy who was flying out of town for a couple of days, and at the last second before going through the checkpoint, realized he had his pistol on him. He actually walked outside and hid it under a parking block, there was a small space underneath.

    He got back a couple of days later and it was still there.
  14. I think I'd go back home and hide it there - and just be late to the meeting if I had to.
  15. Why didn't you take it to a gunshop and have the owner watch it for a few hours?
  16. i know a guy who accidentally carried a gun concealed on a military base and got his car put in a random search. he had it on him and they searched the car but never patted him down. he said he was sweating bullets.

    i also worked as a MP at the gate for a long time and currently know several of the civilian police and gate guards on post and you would be surprised how common it is for people to brag about breaking that law.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. I work for a shipping company that's on airport turf, so we have airport security standards to follow every time we enter and exit the building. The last year or so I've only been scheduled a few times a week, but I take the occasional on-call shift. Every time I get the call to hurry in and help out, I've either got my Glock or a few knives on me (Kershaw as a knife-knife, Leatherman for general nonsense).

    Last time I got called in, I forgot, they didn't notice, and everyone involved remained cheerfully oblivious to the knives in my pockets. One of the downsides to not working overnights routinely any more is that I tend to be a little scatter-brained when I do get called in for work. When I reached into my pocket for something mid-shift and realized I still had knives on me, I got a little worried about getting past security on my way out. Took a chance, explained to them what happened, and they just waved me through.

    Overall, the whole thing wasn't a big confidence booster in their ability to keep weapons out.
  19. you could have unloaded it and put it in the trunk. tell them its there and you won't have a problem.
  20. :rofl::rofl:
  21. No, but now everywhere I go I'll be looking if someone else did.
  22. I would do as old timer did so if found they have only half. I once had to take my wife to a big city emergency room and locked my pistol in the car, but forgot my knife, a rather large (by some standards) Buck Strider Tarani. Of course I realized my mistake when I had to walk through a metal detector(I hate big city down town ERs) The security guard, armed with a revolver, got big eyes but had a bunch of trays and I had to leave it till I left.
  23. I don't think I would ever attempt to hide a gun somewhere. With my luck, I would have a similar result as the individual below. No thanks.

    9 year old girl finds gun in bushes at Lambert airport in St. Louis

    Gun Found At Lambert Airport By 9 Year Old

    By Sean Conroy

    May 23, 2008
    (KTVI - myFOXstl.com) - The Saturday before Mother's Day a Lincoln County family was at Lambert to see relatives off when according to her parents, a 9-year-old girl, while smelling flowers saw a purple rag in the bushes.

    Beneath the rag the girl found a handgun and an envelope full of bullets. "It was definitely the last thing I would expect a nine year old to find at an airport," says the girl's soon-to-be step-father Charles, who didn't want to be identified.

    According to police reports a passenger tried to bring the gun through security and was stopped and was told what most people already know: guns aren't allowed to be carried on a plane let alone inside the building. "Especially after 911," says Charles, "why would anyone try and get through airport security with a weapon."

    The man was cited by TSA but allowed to continue his trip but without his gun. The gun's owner, according to the complaint, was dropped off at the airport so he didn't have a car to leave it in and instead of checking the gun he allegedly decided to stash it. "I don't know why he brought it in the first place he should have just left it at home," says Charles.

    When the suspect returned to retrieve his gun on Mother's Day he found only the rag and ammo in the bushes. Police had the gun with them and had the suspect under surveillance.

    He was arrested, booked, released and waits for word on any charges while the 9-year-old's family remains dumbfounded that someone could be so irresponsible. "How can someone be stupid enough to leave a pistol there," says Charles, "it's at eye-level where a kid could grab it or any adult could take it and commit a crime."
  24. One time i was walking into a courthouse to pay a speeding ticket and realized i had my pocket knife on me, just before i went through security. I walked outside and hid it in a bush, 20 min later it was still there. But it was a small knife, mostly like a utility knife, i would never do it with a gun (or even something worth hundreds of dollars if i ignored the fact that it's a weapon)
  25. The keister picture makes me think of the HK Mk 23 the local gunstore has.
  26. seriously? hide my 600 dollar gun in a bush? no fricking way!!!!
  27. +1000
  28. Had to go to the ER in a large city that we live in at the time. Set off the metal detector, pulled out my tiny Swiss army knive. Guy tells me to go put in my car. Do so and come back and guess what the ...the guy has me walk AROUND the metal detector. Guess I looked honest!!!
    Now we live in a small town, with the nearest hospital 15 miles away (but its 60+ mph the whole way). NO metal detectors, no guards..nothing but sign saying no firearms.
    (Also no long waits... longest we have ever waited was 45 minutes.)
    Local courthouse and Sheriffs office is the same way....just a sign.
  29. i used to hide my glock under a rock.
    try THAT with a gold cup:supergrin:
  30. I always go under the assumption that eighty to ninety percent of everything today is probably under the watch of a security camera and/or the camcorder of any random individual.

    I have convinced myself that if I went anywhere, including the middle of the Mohavie Desert and did anything unusual while there : I would be able to see it on YouTube within a day or so. I truly believe that!

    No I would not be "hiding" anything (gun, toothpaste, whatever), anywhere, ever.

  31. WTF!!! :faint:
  32. I covered a broad ax I removed from a neighbor's trashcan in leaves this morning on the way to work. I'll take it home on my bike if it's still there tonight. I'm a slow-speed scavenger.

    I try not to leave tools outdoors.
  33. I have had to hide my knife in bushes at the courthouse. It was still there 30 minutes later.

    I deal with 6 different courthouses on a regular basis. All have started security within the last 1-3 years. I have almost fully learned to leave my knife (a vicious looking 2.5 inch Swiss Army with tactical tweezers and polymer toothpick) in the car.

    However, when I was still learning, only one of the courthouses made me carry it back to the car (the hide in the bushes episode) and one or two let me leave it with the security guard and I pick it up on the way out and one or two just wave it on through with no problem.

    So far, I've only used my Swiss Army knife to kill a couple of Registrars of Deeds and the odd District Attorney or two....:upeyes::upeyes:
  34. One thing that I learned from this thread is that I am buying a metal detector and am going to work the courthouses and airports on my days off.

    Thanks, Opie.

  35. My grandpa is under the same assumption that just because someone has a gun that they will immediately kill someone or commit a crime.
  36. I've done it at a pawnshop. Worked out fine.
  37. Wow, I don't even know what to say. You seriously "stashed" your gun somewhere around town? Good God be thankful something didn't happen. You do realize if someone found and killed someone you would have a hell of a mess on your hands, not to mention your conscience.
  38. I bet he hid it in those free real estate magazine dispensers that are shaped like houses. No one ever wants those things.
  39. Now where did I leave that drop gun...
  40. This thread is going places.
  41. Thanks for nuthin', dude. Now I need to find a new spot. :shakesfist:

  42. Well... that's what I'd do if I found a gun with no ties to my ID... wouldn't you??
  43. I actually think a newspaper stand would be a great place to hide a pistol. $0.50 to deposit, $0.50 to retrieve, locked up, and fairly little traffic going in there(depending what paper it is). Make sure to put it below all the papers.
  44. In 1975 I got a speeding ticket in Ennis, TX and gave it to my attorney to take care of, he contacted the JP and mailed him a check. It turns out the JP wouldn't take personal checks, he wanted a money order or cashiers check, so he issued a warrant for me. I was driving an 18 wheeler and went through Ennis daily, so sure enough a few days later I look up and see red and blue lights in my mirror.

    The State Trooper stops me, tells me the problem, tells me to secure my truck and walks around the truck with me, remember this was 1975 and there were no concealed carry laws then, and I had a S&W .38 Chiefs Special in an ankle holster and I couldn't hide it in my truck because this trooper was right behind me the whole time. Anyway he patted me down and I think the worst, but he stops at my waist and handcuffs me, and off to the Ennis jail we go. They locked me up in this old antique building down in the basement, this place was straight out of the 1800's. Several hours later two sheriff's deputies arrive to transport me to the county seat in Waxahachie, and they pat me down to the waist and put me in the back seat of their car without handcuffing me. I'm sweating bullets thinking they're gonna find my pistol and then the serious trouble will commence.

    When we arrived at the county jail they ask ME if I've been patted down and I say "yes sir two times" and they walk me back to the cells to lock me up. The funny part was they almost put me in a cell with two women, I think my smile at the door when it remotely opened gave it away because they said, "wait a minute, don't go in there, you're gonna get one of your own." I sat in jail about three hours until my wife finally found Waxahachie and bailed me out. I walked out of jail with my .38 still strapped to my ankle.
  45. Good story.
  46. Bad idea. I knew of a homeless guy that would take all the papers with a .50 cent purchase and sell them on the corner.
  47. Wow.................
  48. I couldn't imagine doing that does not seem very wise.
  49. Just curious- did you have to pass thru some sort of decent security to get in- I ask because security at most places, including airports and courthouses is laughable. When I lived in Los Angeles, is used to go to the LA Auto Show every year with my gat, walk thru metal detectors with no prob. I was LEO so it was legal anyway, but no one even asked and the "metal detector" never beeped. I think the only way you can get caught is if you're a celebrity and security thinks you're carrying something they can steal.
  50. Once as a teen I bought a newspaper and set the rest(including the display one) on top of the box...