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Hi from Houston!

  1. I was looking to buy a handgun and a LE friend recommended the Glock 19 or 43, so I went to a local shooting range two weeks ago. I got to shoot around 9 different handguns starting with a 22 with almost no recoil and worked up to the 9mm Glock 19.

    Loved the Glock 48 and 43x, so I bought the 48 they had in stock (passed on the 43x that had pink swirls on the barrel) along with some target and Hornady Critical Defense ammo. A week later I went to another shooting range and bought my 43x. :dancing:

    Would love to get my CHL now, but we are socially distancing, so it will have to wait.

    I'm open to any advice and recommendations on accessories, etc. Thank you!
  2. Congrats on your purchases.

    Welcome to GT
  3. Welcome. :wavey:
  4. Welcome to GT!
  5. Welcome to GT!
  6. Welcome to G.T. and congratulations on your choices.
  7. Welcome to GT.
  8. Welcome aboard TXsdGlock! This is a wonderful place to waste away years of your life! You'll get plenty of advice and recommendations on everything here! Some you'll want, and some you won't want! :grouphug:
  9. Welcome to the forums from Richmond, Va
  10. :welcome:
  11. Welcome!

  12. :welcome:
  13. Welcome
  14. Greetings!
  15. Congrats on your new toys, shoot often and enjoy. Welcome to the party
  16. Howdy
  17. WELCOME from Northern Indiana enjoy the conversation
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  19. Welcome and congrats on your choice of 2A protection for you and family. BTW I am just down the road in Richmond/Rosenberg, TX.
  20. Cool! Do you have a favorite shooting range in the Houston area?
  21. Hello and Welcome.
  22. Hey, TxGlock. Welcome from Houston, as well. What part of town are you located?

    My compliments on the purchase of your two new Glocks, by the way!
  23. Welcome, I just moved away from Houston! Well like 8-9 months ago. You can probably still get your CHL I bet.
  24. Welcome from up on the Red River.
  25. Hello From Austin! FYI, LTC classes are considered essential business and many are open and running. Did my class two weeks ago and got all my paperwork submitted no problem. Hell, even the fingerprinting service had no wait time, scheduled next day!
  26. Down in Brazoria County. Thanks, can't wait to take them to a shooting range again.
  27. Hi. Congrats on completing a class. I'm considering an online course, since I don't really want to spend hours in a small room with other people. Then hopefully the shooting proficiency would just be one on one with an instructor. Glad to know the fingerprinting went fast.
  28. Now to find a holster for the 43x. I might also get a TLR-6 for it.
  29. Yup that's exactly what I did, online class and then range proficiency which is easy to keep your distance from people. Good luck!

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  30. Welcome to GT!
    I'm on the far east side of Houston.
    God Bless Texas!

  31. Enjoy GT:welcome: