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Alright, time for me to sound off!

Two thirds (nine weeks) the way through Canine Training here. Four more weeks in VA state with 3K miles between the Mrs/kids and to go. Been waiting over three years to get here

Last week stumbled over my partner. Blew out the same knee I injured chasing a smuggler with a kilo of MDMA strapped on him last April. Got the collar, but also a knee that wanted to lock up!

Three weeks of light duty with a Sup I testified against with a Federal Abirtrator. Sup lied under oath twice and still is on the Force.... Gotta love cronyism...

Trained five months. Running, lifting, low carbs, lost 20lbs and made everything else look bigger.

So here I sit in a one star rated hotel in Front Royal knee elevated again. Been keeping the Motrins for after hours usage so I really don't blow this out.

Have a Malinois as a partner and he is one smart dog to have! Kind of a rockhead and funny to think he could eat me with ease with that basketball size head and 65lb body. Smarter than me but that's a no brainer. Had his red hot chili pepper out at the airport the other day while playing with his towel...

I was embarrased till the passengers and instructor started laughing. He's big!

Freakin rockhead!

I don't drink so another night looking at porn, GT, and (same screen name) and watching Hogan's Heros and Bonanza.

Another month! Knee hold up.... please!
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