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Hey Ron Paul fans, did you see his tweet about Chris Kyle?

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by cowboy1964, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Gary W Trott

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    Sep 23, 2002
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    West Warwick, RI
    You should take that complaint up with the person who began this thread by inviting them.
  2. countrygun


    Mar 9, 2012
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    Sure, it's always somebody else's fault.

    Are you part of the Obama Administration by chance?


  3. certifiedfunds

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    Apr 23, 2008
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    I'm a state's rights guy. I think our global presence needs to shrink. I think anytime you have a pot of money as big as DOD you invite rampant corruption. I think when the nation decides to fight a war it needs to allow the military to fight it as they deem most effective. I believe our federal government is a corrupt cesspool from top to bottom with very rare exceptions.

    To the weed: The fedgov has no legitimate authority here. Its a state issue. I think states would be wise to decriminalize but it should be left to them individually. I think government drug prohibition creates far more societal ills than legal drugs would. I don't use marijuana but if it were legal I probably would in small amounts, occasionally, the same way I use alcohol, but I don't want it legal so that I can do so.

    On Paul - I don't think he would have been a good President. We need someone with his views on most things but with better leadership ability. I think Romney would have been a Progressive disaster but not as bad as Obama. I think the Republican party is corrupt and so long as Republicans line up to vote for whoever the party leadership offers, things will continue to get worse. I think Reagan was wrong on fixing the party vs abandoning it. Likewise I think any 3rd party that might come into power will eventually be just as corrupt and need to be abandoned. I'm under no illusions that any viable 3rd party will materialize because politics is a game of money and the funnels are entrenched to the two parties. They're already paid for.

    I agree with barbedwiresmile that our government is best described as a kleptocracy.

    I think the single most effective thing we can do to save the Republic, if that is even possible, would be to repeal the 17th Amendment and return the states to their rightful place in government.

    I've seen rational, intelligent posts from you so I recognize the antagonistic one's as exactly that and play along. Doc and I disagree on a lot. We also agree on a lot. Despite our disagreements I have immense respect for Doc -- I have my reasons.
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  4. QNman

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    CF - I agree with you a LOT more than I don't. :cheers:
  5. Syclone538


    Jan 8, 2006
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    Good post. I agree with most, but not all of it.

    With RP, it would depend on what makes a "good" president to you. I agree he would have a very hard time getting people to support what he would do, but I figure he'd veto the vast majority of bills to hit the desk, and think that would almost in itself make him a good president.

    I think Reagan gets a lot more credit then he deserves.
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    Repealing the 17th could be a huge step in the right direction, and not just because of legislation. It might really help us with the Supreme Court.

    If it were up to me, we'd also amend out interstate commerce, necessary and proper, and general welfare.
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  6. Ruble Noon

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    It's not about being pro dope, I would say that the majority of us are not pro dope, rather, we are pro constitution and pro 10th amendment.
    Here's Paul's stance on drugs.

    Paul is right, the war on drugs hasn't worked. It is an utter failure. Every year we spend more money, devote more of our officers time to fighting this so called war and we imprison more and more people.
    It's really simple. Prohibition doesn't work and we have history on our side that proves this. What happened when we banned alcohol? A black market was created. Although times have changed, the motives that drive men have not and when a black market is created there will be men, hungry for profit, willing to fill this void. Al Capone and Bugs Moran filled the void brought on by prohibition. Today, the cartels are filling the void from the prohibition of drugs.
    There are other was, better ways to deal with our drug problem that do not breed the violence of prohibition, ways that actually decrease the use of drugs. That's what we are about.
  7. Zombie Surgeon

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    In December / January of 1989 in Romania.
    I was a slave to the communist regime for my entire life, 26 years. On December 16, people in a western town of Romania called Timisoara peacefully assembled to show their support for a Catholic priest who arrested by the regime. The police opened fire on the unarmed protesters. Instead of running, more people showed up, then next day the communists brought the army with tanks and machine guns. They killed more people and they went to hospitals and executed the wounded in their beds. Then some army units refused to obey orders, soldiers refused to kill their mothers, fathers and brothers. They switched sides and opened armories and armed civilians. The war extended in every major city and the dictator fled. I went to my former Navy unit to ask for a rifle and was issued an AKM-47 and two full magazines solely on word that I will come and bring the gun back if I don't get killed. My task was to guard a harbor access gate. In the capital 2000+ people were killed in just three days. In my hometown only about 25. The fight continued for weeks after the communist regime collapsed. We were fighting regime loyalists aided by Palestinian terrorists sent by the dictator's best friend Yasser Arafat. I've seen two of them, taken prisoner by troops of an infantry unit. They were speaking Arabic and some broken English I believe the last shots were fired during the last days of January 1990. More than 2,500 people were killed, many more disappeared forever probably buried in common graves during the days before the communist regime collapsed.
    This was the war I fought to end slavery in my old country. If anyone of you believe communism is not slavery, you should try to live a year in Cuba or North Korea.
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  8. Cavalry Doc

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Republic of Texas

    It's amazing that so many don't know how well we have it here. There are enough that we may have just ruined it for future generations. I've been to some places in the world that I am very glad I do not have to raise a family in. Life is real cheap in some of them.

    Totalitarian Communism is slavery. Glad you made it out ZS.