herring heads

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    A fair customer of Goldstein's delicatessen marveled at his consistent perspicacity. "What makes you so smart?" she wondered. "Herring heads," said Goldstein promptly. "Eat enough herring heads and you'll be positively brilliant."

    "Can I buy some here?" she asked. "Certainly," said Goldstein. "They're fifty cents apiece."

    The lady took three. A week later she complained that her I.Q. was unchanged. "You didn't eat enough yet," said Goldstein, so this time she took twenty herring heads. Cost: ten dollars.

    On her next visit, she was more perturbed than ever. "Say," she accosted Goldstein. "You sell me a whole herring for fifteen cents. Why should I pay you fifty cents for just the head?"

    "You see," beamed Goldstein, "how much smarter you are getting?"