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Here is a close call I had once.........

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by HKMark23, Aug 20, 2004.

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    Dec 17, 1999
    Chez Bippy
    This took place about 12 years ago, I only had about 60 hours under my belt and was building time. I rented a C-150 and was going to go out and putt around and shoot landings at about 10 of the local airports in the area. My flight was to start at C52 in Burlington,WI which is located about 40 miles NW of Chicago.
    The field has two runways, 11/29 (3,600x75)paved and 01/19 (2600x130)grass. It was 7:00am, about 85 with the humidity around 8000%, 10 mile vis. & the wind was out of the north about 10 knots. I filled the tanks to about 75% and noticed a Sukoi and an Antonov An-2 being preflighted, this is an An-2 for those that dont know.
    This was the week before Oshkosh so these types were not at all unusuall this time of year.

    Anyways I taxied out and decided to do a soft field take off on 01 for practice and called out my intentions on Unicom. I got to the end of 01, did my run-up and called out my intentions again. I taxied into position, dropped one notch, called out my departure and let off the brakes. Now C52 is surrounded by cornfields south of 11/29 and right up to the edge of 01/19 and this time of year the corn is 7-8' tall so it is impossable to see the departure ends of the bisecting runways. Hence all the calls on Unicom.

    Density altitude was probly around 4,000' so the 90hp spinning the prop up front on this well worn 150 was probly putting out more like 70hp. And the wings were doing there best to generate enough lift to pull the bald Goodyears out of the wet turf, so my roll was a tad bit long before I started to get light. I rotated and the nose wheel just started to skim the weeds when for some reason I glanced to my right and I see the vertical stab of the Antonov above the corn.

    Now my first flight instructor had taught me that if the position of a converging aircraft does not change in relation to your aircraft, you are more or less going to collide. Or at least come darn close! The thought of the Antonov's huge prop shredding the wing of my 150 as it headed towords the cabin flashed through my mind as I decided what to do.

    Any manuver to avoid him would have stalled the plane and I would brobably crunch down on a wing. And I knew there was no way I could climb over him without stalling and we may end up hitting anyway! So I figured the best option was to stay on the ground & try to slow down enough to put some space between us.

    I pulled off the power and mashed the toe brakes which didnt do anything in the wet grass so I put in full flap. I even considered opening the door & jumping as pulled the fuel cut-off! The Antonov passed about 100' infront of me as I was still sliding towords the paved runway and I stopped with the nose wheel resting against it. About this time the wing vortex & prop wash of the Antonov hit me, shook the 150 and actually turned the nose about 15 degrees to the left as it hit my tail.

    About this time the person in the Sukoi started yelling at the person in the Antonov that they almost hit me, the response was "Well I never heard him." Then someone else came on the radio and said "The Cessna called a departure from 01 Burlington. You just didnt listen or call out your departure."

    Long story short I got out & checked for damage but nothing seemed to be bent or broken so I cranked up and taxied back to the FBO to have a better look but we could not find anything wrong. I ended up going up for about 2 hours just to calm my nerves and get back in the groove, that is after I changed my shorts!

    Lets hear your stories........................
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    Dec 21, 2002
    You would think someone that could afford an Antonov would be a little smarter than that.
    Good job getting the 150 stopped.

    Mark if you haven't seen this thread there's a bunch of close calls in it.
    Mine and the other fellows.