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Help with old Winchester 94

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ANybody know where I can find some info on a rifle? I cannot locate a serial number on this rifle. It is a 26 inch octagon barrel with crescent butt plate. The barrel says nickel steel for smokeless powder. Caliber is .30 wcf. (.30-30)
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There is no serial number that I can find
It sounds from your description (especially lack of a SN and mentioning that it is for smokeless powder) that it is an antique and could be very valuable. Find someone that knows what it is and whatever you do do not try to refinish it or modify it.
This rifle was in the possession of the assistant chief of police from
El Paso Texas, my wife's grandfather. He worked there from the 30s to 70s. Upon further inspection there was a serial number which was ground off. It appears to be in the 5000 range as the first and only legible digit is 5 and there is very little altered. I suspect it was a recovered weapon.
The thought had crossed my mind to send it off to Turnbull as its likely to never be worth much lacking a SN.
You could be charged with a Felony for having a firearm with the serial number ground off. Be careful.
I wouldn't send that firearm to anyone.
Is the sn under the lever on the lower tang?
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