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    While there has never been a national data base to track all shootings, the departments that used the 125 grain .357 Mag load reported a very high success rate with it. Those agencies included state police in Texas, Indiana, and elsewhere. When Indianapolis became the first big city PD to adopt the 125 grain .357 Mag SJHP in the 1970s, Richard Riley, then head of ordnance for that department reported a long series of instant one-shot stops including hits on extremities. The switch to autos, for firepower, brought agencies like the Texas Department of Public Safety to tell auto pistol suppliers such as SIG-Sauer that while they loved the round count and ease of shooting of 9mm and .45 auto pistols, they missed what some called "the lightning bolt effect" of the 125 grain Magnum revolver round. This is what led SIG to join with Federal Cartridge to create the .357 SIG round in its 125 grain configuration. The 125 grain .357 SIG round has earned an excellent reputation for "stopping power" in departments that have actually had shootings with it.

    The only attempts at statistical tabulation that I'm aware of are those by Even Marshall and Ed Sanow, and by Richard Fairburn in Police Marksman magazine, both of which put the .357 up at the top of the list.

    You are dealing with one of the most contentious topics in the firearms world. Don your Nomex. Good luck!
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