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Help with DVD copying

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I have a new Sony DVD camcorder that uses the mini DVD's. I bought a stack of the cheeper full size DVD's to copy the mini's on to, so I
could reuse the mini DVD's. Both types are -R. The mini's are RW's.
I have a Burn program but things are not working out. Is there a site where I can get help or do any of you know how to help me. Thanks.

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Please clarify what you mean by "things are not working out". Are you trying to merge several of the Mini DVDs into one full DVD? Are you trying to just copy them 1 for 1? The first is more complicated, but it'll save you some money on media. The second is pretty easy using just about any copying/burning software. What burn program are you using?

Let me know what tools you have and what you're trying to do and I should be able to give you some guidance.
I have Sonic Record Now Plus version 7. I just want to put one mini DVD to full size DVD. I do not want to put more than one mini on a full size.

Is it possible my DVD read drive will not recognize the mini?
My computer has a read only and a burner.

The door opens when I hit exact copy. Its like it dosent know there is a mini in the D drive.

Now it is acting like it dosen't know there is a blank full size in E.
I dunno.

I use Nero BurningROM and haven't seen this prob.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Sonic recording app, and see if that helps.

If you can get a copy of Nero, definitely install and update it.
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