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Help Wanted

  1. Hi all !

    I am seriously thinking of moving to the USA (i've applied to Green Card lottery).

    My actual Job here in France is Car sales representative (for Corvette / Cadillac & Porsche).

    I was wondering what a car sales representative earns in the USA, when working for premium brands ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Compensation may have a lot to do with regional location but, from what I have heard, a new-car salesperson averages somewhere between 45K and 65K a year. Commissions on higher-end vehicles may be higher but, with the current cost of gas, many consumers are opting for economy cars and hybrids (yeap, even the wealthy).
  3. Since I am a Sales Manager for an Acura dealer....I will chime in.

    My top guy makes 100K, bottom makes about 35-40K. So...if you are pretty good/decent, expect around 55-65K on the average. In the U.S., brands like Toyota and Lexus are doing VERY well right now. Acura is doing ok...we have some body style changes on the horizon (TSX and TL) so that will always spur our market.

    If you get in (and want a job in Dallas, TX), PM me.