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Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Mrs. Tink, Feb 26, 2007.

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    Mar 1, 2005
    So I had some friends over last weekend, and the subject came up of what we women do when the menfolk are gone. Context: there were three couples: me & hubby, two ex-Army enlisted, and a coworker and hubby.

    My coworker mentioned that she would be interested in something more effective than a frying pan to defend herself with. Her husband seemed nervous at this idea, because I guess when she wakes up, a lot of the time she is a little disoriented and does not know what is going on right away--I think he is afraid she will accidentally attack HIM. At any rate, I saw an opportunity. I asked the Army gal when she last went shooting, and it turns out it has been about a year, since before she left the Army. So then I offered to set up a time when we could all go to the range.

    Coworker was enthusiastic but said that she and her husband owned no guns. I said that we had enough for everyone. So then they all wanted to see, so we brought out part of the "arsenal." (Then the Army gal became enamored of our AR-15 and started telling everyone that I own an M-16. Evidently since I'm nice, this is unbelievable. :animlol: I am still trying to correct her, but M-16 DOES sound more bad-assed than AR-15.)

    My question is: obviously she will need classes to gain the proper training if she wants a CCW or the like. But for a first trip to the range, do any of you ladies have any experience for what would be the best way to introduce things to her? I know now that my personal experience was too backward to duplicate for her. :)

    I know I can count on the Army gal to help. But I want to make sure that her experience is good but not scary.
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    Feb 19, 2006
    do you have a .22 rifle? that's the easiest and softest and nicest introduction to shooting that i can think of. then, maybe a .22 pistol - a p22 or a revolver would be good. then maybe a .38 or a 9mm... then the ar15... then a . 40 or a .45.

    well, i'd just stick to the .22's to start off with, then move up gradually. make sure you teach her all the safety rules before you take her out.

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    I agree with starting her out on something .22 range.

    But before actually taking her to the range, you might consider some 'get familiar with' type steps. Think in terms of what often scares people or 'puts them off' -

    Maybe, after deciding which gun (or which succession of guns) you'll have her try, have a sit down with her. Print off the basic rules, and stress that you will not be giving her any weapon which can possibly "just go off" because, as a general matter, guns don't "just go off" - the trigger has to be pulled or pressed. Explain how the rules/steps are followed, in order, as she'll prepare to shoot and then eventually actually shoot at the target. If you'll be shooting at a controlled range, be sure to explain the particulars of that range and its rules - you know what I mean.

    Let her handle (unloaded, goes w/o saying) the gun she'll start off her how it works, where the slide (unless its a revolver) will travel, etc. Explain what she'll experience in terms of recoil, noise and so on.

    If she's going to fire several guns, perhaps moving up in caliber size, go through the same kind of familiarization with her with each gun you anticipate she'll be firing.

    Probably should explain that sometimes a semi-auto may have a FTF and so on, and what you want her to do should any gun she's shooting NOT fire when it's supposed to (IOW, you might want her to just let YOU clear it, instead of teaching that right off the bat - in which case, explain the procedure the two of you will follow.)

    While formal "stance" isn't likely to be a big issue in the beginning, you might want to demonstrate simple ways of standing at the line and all that.

    That's all that comes to mind at the moment.