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HELP STAT Temp folder "attack"???

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I am getting a VIRUS ALERT for W32.Alcra.F and WORMGAO_BOT.DF my windows temp file and my quarantine files are filling up with hundreds of temp files. Cant seem to stop it any suggestions STAT would be most appreciated.
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Whenever a message like that pops up, click 'delete' instead of 'quarantine'.

You are running the AV app whine the nasty executable that builds the Trojans is running!

That just throws them back up as fast as you can cut them. Try booting into Safe Mode (tap F8 during bootup--reboot immediately and retry if you see the WinXP welcome screen) and running your AV scanner.

And, once you get the thing cleaned, make a Restore point (in All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System restore). That'll make any subsequent infection a snap to repair.

Also, do make sure your XP Firewall is not disabled if you lack a different firewall solution to shield your PC from attack.
Thanks for the info. I read another file posted in the tech room that recommended the "safeMode". It worked. I was able to get rid of the nasty little thing.
Thanks for the post!
If you ever have to remove a virus/trojan etc make sure you turn OFF your system restore before you start working on the problem. Some trjoans are able to stay alive in a system because people leave the System Restore on and their threat will be restored b\c that feature is left on.After removing the threat make sure you turn the System Restore back on.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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