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Help needed on S&W 645 & Browning BDA Holster

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I have a duty holter, and the triple retention is just too much for me. (If anyone wants it, i'll sell or trade it cheap)I thought Galco made a 645 holster, but they told me they don't make it now. I want a component to fit my Miami Classic shoulder rig if anyone has one in tan. I would be interested in a full shoulder rig in tan if anyone has one.
If that fails I'm open to suggestions. I don't want to go with nylon or Kydex on the hip unless its a last resort.

If anyone can help of knows of a indepedent Holster maker that could help me I would sure be thankful.

One a side note, I have a Browning BDA Sig 220 European i bought and I will be looking for the same type holster for it.

I would like to thank this board for their helpfulness. It really is appreciated.
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