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i need more 10mm brass for reloading. i am loading for myself and a friend i got into a glock 20 also. i am looking for cheap once fired 10mm auto brass and loaded ammo and mags for my g20. if you sold your 10mm and have some ammo or brass you dont need let me know. i have .45 acp once fired and some 9mm and .40 s&w along with a few .380 auto and .223 all once fired and cleaned and seperated. i can trade or whatever for brass/ammo for my 10mm. i have some .308 lake city ammo and some G3 20 round mags to for trade. let me know as i would father trade for ammo as cash is low and wife wont let me spend any on gun stuff for some time now (med bills and student loans too). thanks for any help in advance, glocktoys
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