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Help me with this one.

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Well, here we go.

My nephew has had a bad string of events in his life. Been locked up in both jail and mental ward (involutary) off and on for several years. (He is 19).

He recently decided of his own will to become transient. Recently in a conversation with his grandmother (my mother) he told her he got a handgun for protection. She asked him where he got it knowing he wouldn't pass the background check and that he was a prohibited person (involuntarily committed to mental institution). He said he got it from a "friend". (Of course I read this as a street dealer).

Now, this is where the question lies. I know what USAF3E, Master of the Universe, would do. But how do I talk a grandmother into doing the right thing and coming forward with this information about her grandson?

On one hand she feels she would be setting him up for a felony charge.

On the other hand she knows what she should do to protect him in the long run.

I am trying to keep my nose out of it since she told me in confidence.

What say you, my fellow JBT's?
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Point out to her that by remaining silent, instead of a gun possession charge she may have to deal with him being charged with murder if he uses it.

Also point out that he obviously needs help and being picked up for the gun charge isone way of getting him one step closer to getting professional help.
...and that now you know this information could also open you for civil suit if someone is harmed by possible actions by your nephew who is now an adult.

I would go one further and talk with the local authorities and relay this information.
This can be done confidentialty.

Much luck!
Thanks for the advice so far guys. I am going to try and talk to her in a little bit.

It is always so much easier when it is someone unrelated to you. I would the just tell the grandmother exactly what to do and I will call behind you to make sure you did.

Hook em up in a heartbeat then.

I haven't seen or talked to this kid in at least 5 years. So anything I know about him is second hand info. He now lives about 160 miles south of me.
There's a reason why people with a mental history can't own guns. It's because graveyards are filled with relatives of the mentally ill with guns. She may just be saving her own life if she steps forward, because if things get bad enough, he may eventually use it on her.
Will she feel better if he goes into a public place and guns down a number of innocent people? If he kills faimly members with it?
Get him safely grabbed up on it, use it and his lifestyle as evidence of DTS/DTO. Commit him, get him on his meds.
Once again, let me express how much I love this forum. If this was in "Coptalk," we'd be so deep in the weeds over the rights of the insane to keep and bear arms the issue of whether it was right or wrong to violate grandma's confidence would be lost forever.
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