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help me help you

  1. Hope this doesn't count as an ad, please forgive me if it does.

    I sold my .308, and bought a .223. I have 220 rounds of .308 ammo (200 linked portugal in can unopened from dunhams awhile back and 20 rounds of umc) I would like to trade someone locally (metro detroit area) for 220 rounds of .223 (i don't care what brand, to be used for plinking).

    once again, this is not for profit, just to help eachother out

    If interested please PM me.

  2. Have you gotten a PM already or are you still looking to make a deal?
  3. Done deal and a good one at that.

    Thanks again 9mmRonin it was good chatting with ya today and we do need to organize a shoot this summer..
  4. no problem, it was a good deal for both!!