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I current own (and love) a gen 3 23. It's used as both my EDC and night stand gun. Every night I put a TLR-3 on it and switch to a G22 mag and every morning the light comes back off and I switch back to the G23 mag.

I plan on buying a new Glock so that I have a dedicated EDC and a dedicated night stand gun. I'd like to stick with .40 so my choices are:
- keep the G23 as the nightstand gun and get a gen 4 G27 for carry
- or keep the G23 as the EDC and get a gen 3 or 4 G35 for the night stand

- I thought about a G22 but like the G35 better.
- I already have a few G22 mags for high capacity when it's in the night stand

Thoughts or anything may not have thought of?
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