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Help identifying old shotgun

  1. I can't seem to read the lettering on the center rib. Any idea what it is? It is owned by a friend of mine and came from his father who died 20 years ago and has been sitting in his basement (I know, I know!!!) along with a couple of Savage 99s, a Savage 23B, an old Sterlingworth double-barrel, and a bunch of other stuff.

    Thanks for any help!!



  2. Probably Belgian. The script looks to be Dutch or possibly French. Fine piece. Hope it cleans up. 0000 steel wool will make ID a little easier.
  3. no clue what it is,

    but do not do the steel wool treatment, if anything oil it a bit to prevent it from getting worse,

    if its a valuable firearm, it would need professional cleaning / restoration,

    or youll be like the guy that filed on his meteorite killing the worth
  4. I wouldn't fire it either. A lot of those old guns can't handle the pressure of modern shells.
  5. It's a Charles Haaken shotgun. Made in Liege, Belguim. This is a better than average maker and gun. The quality is such that, if well taken care of, it would be possible to use it today. It would have been a $1500-$2000 gun.

    Bad news. No matter what the rust and other issues may be, the stock is shot. It's broken and cracked around the locks, which means it cannot be repaired, it needs to be restocked. That's going to cost more than the gun is worth.