HELP - Glock 19 Not Going Into Battery

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by dawg23, Jul 16, 2003.

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    Feb 20, 2001
    Received used G19 yesterday from dealer with 3 day inspection - "2nd Generation" (no finger grooves - front & rear checkering).

    Went to range (after cleaning and lubing) and found that slide won't go into battery like it should. Sometimes it will go fully into battery after I release the trigger and other times I have to literally reach up with my thumb and push the slide forward for the last 1/4".

    * FIRST ASSUMPTION was that recoil spring is weak. But I tried two new guide rods that work fine in my other Glocks - problem didn't go away.

    * THEN I took the slide off the pistol and put it on the frame of one of my other Glocks. WORKED PERFECTLY - so I figure I've at least isolated the problem to being somewhere in the frame.

    * THEN (since it APPEARED that the trigger bar was dragging on the firing pin safety plunger as it would try to go back into battery) I removed the entire trigger assembly and dropped in a trigger assembly from one of my other Glocks (and tried it with the original slide). STILL WON"T GO INTO BATTERY.

    SO the problem appears to be in the frame, but not in the trigger assembly. Rails look fine (this is NOT an "E" serial number). What am I overlooking ?

    FWIW The dealer is willing to take the pistol back, and I know I can send it to Glock (spoke with them yesterday - no suggestions on a cure)but I don't know how long that will take (especially if they have to order a replacement frame). But I would like to make it work - only paid $330 for the G19 in perfect cosmetic condition, Trijicon night sights and a 15 round factory mag.
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    Jan 24, 2002
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    Is there any possibility that the magazine is somehow impeding the forward movement of the slide?

    Sorry I can't help with the prob without further cogitation, but I would keep the gun, given that the prob is most likely easily fixable (even if Smyrna has to do it), coupled with the low price. I'd certainly pay $330 for it, even knowing that it has this (temporary) problem. JMO.

  3. VincentZ


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    Jun 19, 2001
    Things I would try based on your description:

    -Inspect the locking block
    -Make sure the magazines aren't over-inserted and are applying pressure to the slide.
    -Inspect magazine release
    -Inspect connector where it touches the underside of the slide to see if there is a burr or something that could be slowing the slide.
    -Inspect all of the contact areas between the frame and slide for odd contact wear marks.