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HELP - First Time Gun Buyer *of a 1st gen Glock 19 tho?* idk...

  1. I went shooting to figure out what kind of pistol to buy (my first gun). Folks at two different ranges (and friends/family) all recommended 9mm Glock 19. I tried a few others and agreed the 19 was it. Only problem, no store anywhere in the PNW has one for sale because they're out of stock. Legit was told to sign up on a wait list...

    So I accepted that and figured I'd get on the list and try something else while I waited for what could be months. As I'm talking about the list today a guy that works at the gun range says "oh we just got a collectors item 19. It's pricey, but dope."

    Mind you, I don't know anything about guns and I'm skeptical of damn near everyone. So I play like I'm not excited and shoot a different gun for an hour.
    Dude from the counter came in to tell me if I wanted the old 19 he'd put it aside for me because people were eyeing it. Buddy seemed genuinely interested in making this collectors item my first gun. I can vibe with that.

    When I went to the store it was already in someone else's hands. That's when new fren clarified that he promised it to me. Awkward moments ensued, but that's not the point.
    I bought the gun trusting the man's word. He seems like an honest person. He said original owner probably had it locked up and never used it. It did look super clean to be old.

    THEN as I'm going through the online application the store manager comes in. He's geeked I'm buying it too. Tells me this story about how it was made in 1989, very few of them around, etc.

    Long story over, I dropped $600 and was told I could come and get it in 10 days or less.
    Then when I got to the car I started researching the stuff they told me. And now I find it very hard to believe they would sell a rare collectors item for $600. I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures, but I'm going back tomorrow to do just that.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping to get feedback about this from the GlockTalk community. Here are my questions:
    1. How do I verify that this 1st gen 19 is exactly what they say it is?
    2. Is it unheard of to buy/sell one of these for $600? Or is it more likely I got gouged?
    3. If it is what they say, should I even be firing it? I'm down to purchase something else in addition if it means preserving the integrity of a collectible.

    Thanks! IMG-4826.jpg
  2. Post a picture of the frame.
    If not, does it have a “pebbled” texture all over the grip or does it have the grenade checkering on front strap and back strap?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that you bought a Gen2 19. Colllectors item? No. Still a useful gun? Yes, very much so. $600 too much? Meh, more than I would pay, but not astronomical, especially given today’s gun climate.
  5. I'm going back to the shop tomorrow to snap pics. I'll be sure to post.
  6. I know I feel like sucha noob going back for pics but whatever. **** was happening too fast to stop and think. That's why I feel semi scammed.
  7. Yep. After spending an hour searching the interwebs I think that's exactly what happened. I'm not mad mad, but I'm annoyed they'd advertise it as something it isnt...
  8. Your photo shows a label with G19 serial GP###. if that is accurate, that is a Gen2 G19 imported in August 1989.

    A Gen1 G19 would have serial DN### or AN### and have been imported in March 1988.

    The label you show says GEN1, which is obviously fraudulent. Also, Glock did not start referring to "generations" in any official manner until Gen4 was announced in 2010.

    If this is a Gen2 G19, it won't be worth any more than other used G19 pistols unless it still has all of its original internal black parts. An April 1992 voluntary upgrade replaced the Firing Pin, Firing Pin Safety, Firing Pin Safety Spring, Trigger With Trigger Bar, Extractor, Spring-Loaded Bearing. The new metal parts have a metallic finish instead of black.
  9. Pics would be helpful. Imo no glock is a collectors item, but some of these guys would throw their grandma under a bus for for a Gen 1 or 2.
  10. As high as everything is now that was a decent price if it hasn't been shot much.

    These are crazy times for sure.
  11. I just looked around at used 19 prices today and agree completely. You don't need or even want a collector's item, anyway, where you might use it less because of worry over the value or condition. What you need is a solid, reliable tool, and that's what you got. The price is about right so use it for what it was intended and enjoy the hell out of it!
  12. You bought yourself a nice Gen2 shooter that would’ve gone for ~$400 pre-COVID.

    But in today’s climate, you did ok.
  13. More than I would have paid. I got a G5 G19 for $530 brand spankin new. Just got lucky and found a shop that had one.
  14. Very, very uUnlikely it's a gen 1 G19. A lot of shooters prefer gen 2 and will seek them out. There's absolutely nothing wrong or deficient about them.

    As for $600, that seems to be "reasonable" currently.
  15. Er...hyperbolic. Nobody would do anything like that for any Gen2 Glock. They are very common, especially as a G19.

    A Gen1 G19 is in a very very special category. So extraordinarily few exist that a collector's price better than $8000 is possible for pistol only in well-used condition. Most are marked on slide's right side with KS A B C, for Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

    I have no interest in Glock 9x19mm pop guns, and even less for the Compact model. However, I would not refuse a Gen1 G19 until I could sell it.

    It is a certainty that there is NO Gen1 G19 being offered to the OP...just some common old Gen2 G19 misrepresentated as GEN1 on dealer's sales documentation.

    There's no cause for anybody to get panties in a moist wad.
    There ain't nuthin' to see here. :)
  16. EDIT: Scam concern taken care of.
  17. $600 doesn't seem too bad for just about any Glock at the moment.

    Shoot it in good health.
  18. As Mike-M stated, serial GPxxx (as shown on the receipt) would indicate an early gen 2 G19 (1989) with Austrian proof marks. An Austrian proof marked, low round count, unmolested gen 2 G19 with all original parts would make it very collectible for GLOCK aficionados and $600 is more than a fair price for an Austrian proof marked early gen 2 G19.
  19. Pictures would be the key to answer your question. What does the 19 come with? What box ? Mags? Manual?
    Suggest you move this thread or post questions with pictures to the collectors sub forum.
  20. I have a “GS” from July 89, x NYPD G-19.
    As new in box these days, I see a lot going for six bills on GB.
    Buy 3 new mags, keep the others with what it came with box etc etc, if all original, and shoot the bejesus out of it, carry it, how much are you worth?
    You said your in the PNW.
    You may need it on the way for a VOODOO Doughnut.
  21. MarleySkylar : Your Glock19 serial number prefix "GP" falls within a Recall/6 Part Upgrade. I highly recommend you have Glock upgrade the internal parts. This upgrade is FREE. Glock headquarters will NOT charge you for it. A Glock Armorer/LGS should not charge you for this work either.

    A local Glock Armorer MIGHT be able to do this. The slide MAY need to be milled with a 10 degree angle cut for the new style ejector. MY 2nd Gen Glock 21 required the milling.

    Alot of individuals do not know about this 6 part upgrade, including Gun dealers.

    There used to be an independent website that had all the upgrade notices, but is no longer there. Some of us have copies of the recall/upgrade page. The are also some threads on this site that either have all of the notices or excerpts. Below is the excerpt for your Glock 19.

    1992, 6 part Upgrade

    GLOCK, INC. Technical Bulletin #920403

    April 1, 1992

    Glock, Inc. announces a production change of the firing pin safety system. This new firing pin safety system has been installed in all production Glock pistols since November, 1991. A voluntary upgrade is being offered to maintain the Glock tradition of ensuring that all of our pistols are up to the latest standards in 21st century Glock technology.

    Most importantly, the components of the new firing pin safety system are not interchangeable with the components of the old systam and Glock will always strive towards maintaining this feature of interchangeability while working to ensure future interchangeability.

    The upgraded firing pin safety system consists of:
    1. the firing pin
    2. firing pin safety
    3. the extractor
    4. the spring loaded bearing (spring and bearing - 2 parts)
    5. the trigger bar

    The upgraded system is applicable only to Glock pistols with the following serial number ranges :
    Glock 17 - alpha prefix AA - WF
    Glock 21 - alpha prefixes through XL
    Glock 19 - alpha prefixes through WJ
    Glock 22 - alpha prefixes through YA
    Glock 20 - alpha prefixes through WW Glock 23 - alpha prefixes through SK

    The upgraded firing pin safety has a new surface finish making it nearly 100% saltwater corrosion resistant. Also, after rigorous and extensive testing, the new system proves to be more durable and has a longer useful life. Here, as always, Glock is working toward maintaining its standard of perfection.

    1993, G19 Upgrade

    Glock Model 19, 9mm Luger caliber, requires an upgrade for all pistols.

    These pistols have the potential for an UNINTENTIONAL DISCHARGE of a cartridge with the action open.

    The Glock model 19 pistol slide has a bottom protrusion, whose function is to push cartridges from the top of the magazine into the chamber. When the pistol is jammed in a double feed situation, the slide protrusion can come in contact with the primer of the jammed cartridge and cause UNINTENTIONAL DISCHARGE while the action is open.
    If you have any questions or concerns please call Glock, Inc. Customer Service toll free at: 1-866-538-3517

  22. That’s about what I paid for my Gen 2 G19. I bought mine because I wanted a like new Gen 2 because that would have been the first pistol I shot (maybe a silly reason, but it seemed right). I looked at the price and it was similar to what I saw some places selling current production G19s for (last year, pre covid/riots). Based on what I’ve seen some of the shops pricing pistols at (non blue label) I think you didn’t make out horribly. Enjoy your pistol.
  23. Market is crazy right now.

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  24. I was at the above mentioned shop 2 days ago. None of the pictured Glocks were in the case, so someone paid the price.
  25. An armslist store in my area posted two Gen 2 19's for 700 and 800 dollars just last week.

    They were gone in a couple of days. Pretty sure they got their asking price.
  26. The price is about par for the course in this Covid market. If I had nothing else, I would have easily paid it.
  27. If the OP is unhappy with the deal, can he not return to the dealer for a refund, since the sale was a misrepresentation?

    Seems it would be in the dealer's best interest, in order to keep a good reputation - & even avoid possible criminal charges...or maybe lose his FFL. There seems to be enough evidence here to prove a case against the dealer.

    Maybe the dealer was ignorant, but that should not become the OP's problem.
  28. UPDATE: This definitely isn't gen1, but okay...

    I'm still happy with it. It doesn't come with anything else (no box, extra clip, etc) but I didn't know what to expect so that's not really a disappointment.

    I am however torn on what to do, if anything, about the blatant misrepresentation by this shop. I don't like causing a fuss needlessly, and I don't feel knowledgeable enough to negotiate with them.

    And really my main concern now is if they lied about that, what else could they be lying about? What if the parts inside aren't glock originals or subpar in some other way? Is it normal to ask a gun shop to disassemble a gun before purchasing it? That feels a little obnoxious. If not, I'll definitely ask.

    Could that even be an "honest" mistake tho? Seems like literally everyone in the gun community knows gen1's distinguishing features... how can they run a gun shop and not know???

    Anyway, here's the pics that I should've included in the OP.
    Any insight on what this actually is?
    (oh and thank you to everyone for your input and feedback. I really appreciate your help)

    IMG-4828.jpg IMG-4831.jpg IMG-4837.jpg IMG-4838.jpg IMG-4835.jpg IMG-4834.jpg IMG-4829.jpg
  29. I was thinking of returning it or trying to negotiate a free lesson out of it or something. Problem is I'd be hard pressed to find anything comparable with the market the way it is.
  30. Do you mind telling me what state youre in?
  31. How much would this normally go for?
  32. Pretty good condition for a 31 year old pistol. Field strip disassembly should be enough to tell if the internals look original. It should have a non-captured Recoil Spring & Guide Rod. :cowboy:
  33. My favorite local gun store (3 fair-sized ones in my Georgia town) sells guns for the same price he always did. Of course, the pickings are slim.... but no "special" pricing. He normally had several of any model Glock in stock; now he has only a few Glocks - period.
  34. Don't sell or trade. You're not going to get a better deal. Just use it as a lesson learned. Your not on the losing side. Shoot it and love it, very dependable gun.
  35. Nice Glock 19 gen 2!

    This link has some pictures and descriptions of some older generation parts (you could compare your gun parts, black internals have more value):


    I still carry my Glock 19 gen 2....

    I tend to like the older generations ( 2 & 3 ). Probably based on nostalgia for me.

    Enjoy the pistol. :)

    Stay safe.
  36. Like everyone else has said go shoot your new Gen 2 and enjoy it. I wouldn't worry about the shop. They may not have known that it isn't a Gen 1.
  37. I've got a gen 2 19 that was given to me from my sister a retired Det. from D.C. It had a cracked frame and Glock replaced it with a gen 3. it has been excellent since.
  38. There is nothing wrong with the price paid for the pistol, especially an early Gen2 19 that is in great shape (that NUMEROUS people on this site would get a stiffy over if they could get it) and even more importantly in Seattle or the Seattle area which is now under pure communist and anarchist attack and being run by surreptitious communist government officials engaged in support of anarchy for the sole purpose of attempting to bring down our President. Trying to buy a firearm in that area has to be difficult at best.

    I find it fascinating and amazing that people that have strongly supported the left, gun control and the disarming of the law abiding public now are demanding to be able to buy whatever gun they want.
  39. Michigan. The armslist store was in Ann Arbor.
  40. I would at least tell the shop its a gen 2 not a gen 1. Gen 2's police trade ins and some gun shops were selling them for 299 to 350 last year around here. Gen 2 was the first glock i was issued and i hated it. However, in these times i guess its going rate. So go shoot and get familiar with it, if you were lucky to find ammo. welcome to the board

  41. there are only perhaps a couple dozen or so Gen1 Glock 19s in private hands in the US and they sell for thousands and thousands when and if one ever comes up for sale.

    You could have bought a brand new Glock for less than that. Yes you paid too much. I bought a new Gen 4 19 for $499.

    Never buy panic priced guns. If someone told me with a straight face they are asking $600 for an old 19, I’d never consider doing business with them again.
  42. I would have paid 600 for it. Thats a little on the high side. But in this time its worth it. Tha magazine is worth 100.00 . Check it for black internals when you get it. DO NOT send it in to glock for the free update. Theres an update to replace internals. Pay an armoror to do this these parts are worth decent money. To someone who is needing these parts. Thats where you have made out on the deal if it still has them! I think you did OK on your 1st gun purchase. Gen 2 Glock 19 is one of the best pistols in modern history, period. If it ever has a problem, box it up to glock they will fix it. Your new to you pistol will last a long time.
  43. 1) I appreciate your feedback
    2) I haven't made any demands
    3) I have never supported a ban
  44. I have very frequently seen gen 2 pistols advertised as gen 1, and a good many people ( gun shop employees included) really don’t know the differences like you might expect.
    Considering how rare gen 1 nine teens are, I would never believe one to be real without a close in person inspection
    In contrast gen 1 17’s are relatively common
  45. Yes you paid a lil more than they're worth. But, In these times of few guns on the market. You paid current rates. I paid 325 each for two of them a few years ago.
  46. I hate to type when not needed. I'll just say that this guy's post is worth a second read.

    I got into Glocks early and have actually fired two Gen 1 19s. It's wasn't an earth shattering experience - and I think the following generations are better in every way.

    I would keep your 19. It has proof marks, which is attractive to many of us. If nothing else, it's a good shooter. It's something you won't regret buying later.

  47. We all paid less, even just a year ago.
    That was then this is now, anybody want to sell your Glock for $350?
    Unless you can buy a Blue Label Glock, they are at a premium today.
    Last month I paid $500 for an as new 3rd Gen G-19 as new two mags off GB, shipping and FFL fees brought the total to $550.
    And last year, I also got a G-45 and G-43x before things got “Fugazy”for $398.20 [+] tax in Central Indiana.
    I can get a Gen 5 17/19 tomorrow, at the Police Supply store here for $398.20, but I could not get what I wanted, a Gen 3.
    So yeah I will be the first to admit I paid $100 to much.
    It is what it is folks, you find 9mm Glocks on line locally or wherever for $300-$400, jump on them and tell us all, where you found them.
  48. I’ve owned several G19 Gen 2s, and one Gen 2 G17. There were all police turn ins, all were great guns. None of mine had the black internals, so they all got sent back to Glock for a complete go through. I’d highly recommend that route as well, so long as you don’t have black internals which are more valuable. If you send it to Glock, your only out of shipping but can get a completely rebuilt pistol and can pay them for night sights while it’s their if they have some you like. If you don’t want to be without your pistol while it’s being rebuilt, buy the replacement parts yourself and install them or if you don’t know how find someone who does.

    I didn’t catch your location in the previous posts, and if I overlooked it I apologize. $600 is on the high end for a G19 Gen 2, but considering most stores have no stock lately it’s supply and demand. Pre pandemic, same gun would have been $350-500 in my area of N.C. Prices in my area rose $100-200 above premium pricing before things got real crazy.
    I’ve been lucky and been able to trade for a G19 and G26 Gen 4 for people that wanted guns I had.

    If it was me, I would ask the gun store to comp me some mags for misrepresenting the pistol as a Gen 1. At worse they’ll say no, and you’ve learned your lesson to do a little research before jumping on a purchase. But I think the majority of us here can admit we’ve make purchases without doing all our research first.

    Get some ammo, more mags, holster, and update your sights and go enjoy!
  49. I'm in CA and the used Glock market is insane right now. I was at the local shop last week and they only had a few on consignment. They had 2 modified/customized gen 3 19s for 1800 asking price each..no idea if they sold but people are paying silly prices right now.

    You got a cool G19 for a reasonable price considering the market right now. Buy some ammo, sign up for some training, get proficient and enjoy that thing.