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Up for sale is a like new Black Kydex Holster that is leather lined which fits my Glock #26, 27, and 19. This holster is a high quality holster that is form fitted and lined inside with leather which keeps from scratching or marking the frame of the gun.

The gun rides high and not real close to the body. I used this holster during qualifying and it is excellent for that purpose. For CCW use I do not recommend it due to the gun being positioned a little ways out from the body making it difficult to conceal.

This holster normally sells for approx $85.00. It also comes with a second round disk that mounts on the holster that your belt goes through that is shown in the photo, (but not the 2nd separate disk) which goes for $10.00. This holster has slots cuts for a 1.5 inch belt.

I have the thee Glocks mentioned above and they all fit into the holster securely. The 19 barrell sticks out about 1/4 of a inch beneath the kydex, and I believe a model #33 will fit the holster as well, although I do not have one to try.

Price on the holster and additional disk is $50.00. I will pay Priority Shipping to you in the U.S. Paypal is accepted if you pay the additional 3 %.

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