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  1. Hello everyone
    I am new to this, just starting this year. I bought a G44 to learn with and I now have a G19 Gen 5 Mos. The G44 is still great for sight practice and bringing my wife up to speed. I also have a OTG or other than Glock. Sorry but I had to try it. I joined to learn mostly and possibly buy parts from others. Just like the car forums I'm on. The only difference here is that I know little about this but much about cars.

    Stay safe
  2. Welcome!

  3. :welcome:
  4. Welcome from N.C
  5. Howdy
  6. Welcome to the club Dyver!
  7. Welcome to GT!
  8. Enjoy GT:welcome:
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome to GT
  11. Glad you came onboard. Enjoy you tour. BTW, I have 2 G & 2 OTG myself. Prouf of all 4 and looking for another OTG (Springfield 1911 Ronin Operator in .45).
  12. Thanks to all.
  13. That's a Lotus!
  14. Yes sir, a V8

    Good eye :cool:
  15. U.S. spec car? I got a couple of Vettes myself.
  16. Hello and Welcome.
  17. Yes, it’s a US car. One of the very few that made it here.

  18. Welcome to G.T. from southern Illinois.
  19. Thanks
  20. Howdy