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Hello From The “Cave”

  1. I’m a fan of 10mm Glocks.
  2. Welcome to GT...

    I do hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Me too. G20SF.
  4. G20.4 here
  5. Please tell us more about your likes/dislikes of your G20 SF. Does the SF mean the frame or slide is narrower?
  6. Welcome from northern Indiana enjoy the conversation
  7. SF means Short Frame. That means the frame is shorter from front to back and allows you a better trigger reach. it's noit much of a difference but it makes all the difference in the world for a lot of people.

    The SF frame was available on the Gen 3's only. The Gen 4 went with interchangeable backstraps and with the smallest backstrap is the same as the SF frame. I like the Gen 3 SF better because I like the single recoil spring better.

    It's simpler and I also like replacing the plastic guide rod with a lone wold stainless guide rod and flat wound spring which I've found to be adequate for the hottest Underwood full power loads and 100% reliable with the widest variety of ammo including 40 S&W. The spring I have in it is the standard factory weight spring which is 17 pounds and I see no need to go with a spring any heavier than 20 pounds with any ammo that is within SAAMI pressure limits.

    Welcome to Glock talk.
  8. Enjoy GT:welcome:
  9. Enjoy GT:welcome:
  10. Thank you all for the welcome! :flag:
  11. Welcome!

  12. :welcome:
  13. Welcome from cool and foggy NW GA
  14. Welcome to GT
  15. Thank you for the welcome RussP . Seeing you are a Super Moderator, I do have a question. I upgraded my account (GlockTalk Supporting Membership $20) and was wondering what it does. I don't see any difference.
  16. me too :)
  17. Enjoy your tour here -- lots to see and do. Roll Tide
  18. Howdy. 20.3 here
  19. Hello and Welcome.
  20. Welcome to G.T. from southern Illinois.
  21. Me too G20.4. Welcome.
  22. Welcome from Miami Fl, 20.4 Barsto barrel, non-capured spring with steel guiderod conversion.