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Hello from Parkland, FL

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Hello to all members!! I live with my wife and kid in Parkland, FL. And yes, I'm a proud father of a very brave and lucky MSD freshman student. Since the event we decided to follow 2nd and protect our home, so I bought a G17. Never bought or used a gun before, but since then I've found besides home protection, a new interesting hobby. In two weeks I've gone through 1,000 rounds, installed a Venom Red Dot and going regularly to Gun World for practice. Doing great groups at 25yds so this keeps me going. As a newcomer I've read and perform some basic upgrades as installing an extended carrier release (tough to get this apart without it), and now I am trying to understand the science behind a 3.5 trigger connect. Based on Youtube it seems the Ghost brand is the top choice, but how to select from their 9 variations!!!! I want a better trigger performance for my range practice, not considering to CC the G17, perhaps a G26 or G43 later down the road, when I learn more about it. If you could shed some light with these Ghosts it will be appreciated. Have a great day, you'all.
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