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Hello from Parkland, FL

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Hello to all members!! I live with my wife and kid in Parkland, FL. And yes, I'm a proud father of a very brave and lucky MSD freshman student. Since the event we decided to follow 2nd and protect our home, so I bought a G17. Never bought or used a gun before, but since then I've found besides home protection, a new interesting hobby. In two weeks I've gone through 1,000 rounds, installed a Venom Red Dot and going regularly to Gun World for practice. Doing great groups at 25yds so this keeps me going. As a newcomer I've read and perform some basic upgrades as installing an extended carrier release (tough to get this apart without it), and now I am trying to understand the science behind a 3.5 trigger connect. Based on Youtube it seems the Ghost brand is the top choice, but how to select from their 9 variations!!!! I want a better trigger performance for my range practice, not considering to CC the G17, perhaps a G26 or G43 later down the road, when I learn more about it. If you could shed some light with these Ghosts it will be appreciated. Have a great day, you'all.
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Personally, I am against modifying Glocks at all, but many others will come along to encourage you.

Often, the modifications take a perfectly reliable pistol and turn it into a jam-prone piece of junk.

For defense (although you said you were not going to carry it, you did say you were protecting your home), I think it is best to focus on reliability. Since Glock has no issues as far as reliability is concerned, any money you waste on after market stuff that does not substantially improve reliability is better spent on practice ammo or extra magazines.
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