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Hello from MD

  1. Hello,
    New to the forums purchasing a g17 gen 4. Waiting on my HQL from crappy state of MD. Jumped through the hoops and paid out the rediculous amounts of money to line the liberals pockets and im still waiting for it. :brickwall:
  2. I just bought a g 17 gen 4 a couple months ago,as well as a gen 4 19. Even though i live in glen Bernie ,I am very lucky i didn't have to do that hql crap. Good to have you aboard and get the hi cap s just over the line in a real state.
    Our lib legislature will never go back wards. Thank u o malley
  3. Thank you, yea i agree I've done hunter safety and all the previous requirements back in 1994. LoL But i guess that wasn't goid enough.
    i own plenty of guns and the new requirements are obsurd for law abiding citizens.Will be making many trips across the line. I have even considered moving across the line.
  4. Yeah one of the pluses of my. 40 plus years or policing and 20 years as a army officers is that I am exempt from hql and the magazine crap. There is acstore up 83 north just inside pa I think it v is the armory, real big sign visible from 83. They cater to us c regarding magazines.
    I am putting rounds through the 17 and 19now to break them in.
    I carry a 26 with one or two 19 mags as spares. Thank god for leosa
  5. Enjoy GT.............:welcome:
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to GT.
  8. Thank you all for the welcomes!!!

    Look forward to learning and posting some learning experiences:)
  9. Welcome from Ms
  10. Welcome from south Texas.
  11. Welcome from down in Virginia
  12. :welcome:
  13. Welcome!

  14. howdy
  15. Hello and Welcome.
  16. Welcome to the forum.
  17. I feel your pain Sir.... MD resident here as well... Hopefully we will get a ruling back from the 4C that MSI filed.. If you need info look up.. Maryland Shall Issue
  18. Still waiting on my hard copy of the HQL to come in my guns are waiting at the dealer for me!!!!
    My HQL is active acccord to MSPs site but nothing i can do till the snail mail comes. LoL
  19. Did you do the 77R on line?...Just picked up my G41 this morning..woke to find e-mail from MSP so I called the FFL to make sure they were good to go as well
  20. Thank
    thanks for the welcome..born in Radford VA were all my family lives, but Kidnapped at birth by my parents and forced to grow up in MD....
  21. Took me 4 mon
    Took me 4 months to get cleared to buy my first handgun,,, my name came up on a search for something back in 1973..... trip to Annapolis hall of records then upto Baltimore county to drop off the finding at MSP.... still took 5 weeks to be cleared...If you are not a member of MSI check out the web site...we filed a second lawsuit.. you can read about it on the web site
  22. Yea i filled out the 77r and they sent me pin and said when i ready to continue i would need to give my pin. Well ive been ready to continue....lol so i went to dealer with my info and they said i need to wait for my hql hard copy and then i guess they send off the papers and i got to wait longer? Hell i don't know but this is absolutely rediculous!!!!
  23. It was taking about 30 days for HQL,,, However I see more folks in MD applying for the "Golden" FSA 2013 HQL permit.... The FSA 2013 of O'Monkey and the Mike & Mike show & company in Annapolis have worked out great...Just ask the folks in Baltimore.. You on Maryland Shooters sir?

  24. welcome aboard.
  25. Finally!!!!!!
    My HQL arrivied today and i just got back from the dealer. I filled out the paper work for the transfer (same damn questions answered on the hql application). Now i got to wait 7 more days for background check. (Same damn background check for the hql).....lol maryland is a joke.
  26. Just got cleared and picked up my G17....yay!!!