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Hello from DFW Rockwall area

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Well the admission of my ignorance is here, never was really a Glock fan and wasn’t till about 3 months ago found that the G20 shot 10mm much better than my Tanfoglio witness, so happens that John McNally( McNally Triggers) is a close Neigbor to me and gave me the 411 on how Glock is engineered to be simple but beastly!!!!
Since my new found infatuation I have also added a Bar-Sto 9x25 Dillon barrel and just finished my build of the AR 10mm PCC of which will also have a secondary upper chambered in 9x25 all with the same Glock 20 Mags (makes reloading easy when you have two calibers using same cartridge!!!!

I custom stippled my Glock 20 G4 to fit me and I love it !!!
I see more Glocks in my future!!!
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Welcome to G.T. from southern Illinois.
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