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Hello Brothers and Sisters

  1. How are all you doing?:hugs:
  2. Let me introduce myself.I'm getting closer to being baptized and conformed a member sometime this year,my wife and son are already members.We live in Columbus,Ga. Very happy to be in your company.:supergrin:
  3. Do I get to be LDS GLOCKER #01?:banana:
  4. howdy Big time! Glad to hear that you are planning on "taking the plunge"! I did a few years ago and haven't regretted it yet! :thumbsup:

    Since you posted first, I don't see why you don't get to keep LDS Glocker #1 designation. It's a testiment to the growth of the church that a non-member want's to be LDS glocker #1. :supergrin: ;)
  5. Congrats Big Time. Tell us what you felt when you finally get baptised.

    I felt as if a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders as son as I emerged from the water. I actually felt a peace i had not know for a long time.
  6. I did part of my two year hitch in God's Army just outside of Columbus. You know Preacher Coleman, by chance?
  7. Ya Ta Hay folks

    I am cowdawg, Wrangler100 and I have been online Members of gunsnet for a long time (him longer than I) and he gave me an invite to join y'all here.

    We watch after each other and alltho we have never met face to face we are Brothers in the Gospel. :)
  8. hey cowdawg, welcome! :)
  9. tanks
  10. BigTime - welcome to the Church. I was baptised on Dec 18th, 1995, and I have been really happy I made that decision.
    So, from another convert, WELCOME, Brother BigTime!!! And since you have the CIB, thank you for yoru service to our country.