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HELLCAT in .40S&W?

  1. How long will it take for Springfield to release this shooter in a .40 ???

    I know that some or many will state that a .40 in this size shooter would make it too "snappy" for them and that follow up shots would be questionable. I have a Shield in a .40 and firing some warm reloads through them do not find them unacceptable as to recoil management. Sure there is more recoil than the same format in a 9mm but every firearm when the round is touched off will produce some recoil. The question is do I want to focus on the "snappy" nature of the pistol or do I want to hit what I'm aiming at???

    I'm not a lad who searches out the most recoil available in a pistol but do find that part of the total equation bears more weight for others than it does for me. If the round performs well and is accurate I may find that it fits in with what I'm looking for, and will do this before passing any judgement on the recoil. That comes further down the list for me .....others may and will vary in their own assessment.

    I would be interested in the HELLCAT in a .40 and would wonder more about the round count than the recoil level.
  2. I think it’s a dedicated 9mm platform.

    if it weren’t, that means HS could have made it smaller and thinner than it already is, which was the whole point behind the gun.
  3. I'd buy a 365 in 40 if they'd make it. Not a snowball's chance in hell.
  4. Nope

    The whole point behind these guns was to make them as small and light as possible in 9mm. If they could handle 40S&W, it means they didn’t achieve their goal.
  5. The magazine is probably the limiting factor. It's the bare minimum width for a 9mm double stack and the 40 S&W cartridge is just large enough that the only way the fatter cartridge could work in the same size magazine would be to make it a single stack and you'd end up with the same basic magazine capacity as a Smith and Wesson shield in a gun that is slightly larger overall than a Shield.

    It's just like the 45 GAP. When Glock tried to put a 45 cartridge in a Glock 23 sized magazine they had to make it a single stack. so if a G19 magazine can hold 15, a G23 magazine can only hold 13 and a Glock 38 can only hold 8.

    As far as recoil, I think the recoil defense between 9mm and 40 is greatly exaggerated. I've shot a 40 caliber shield and the gun handles the recoil very well, much better than trying to shoot a 357 magnum out of an airweight J-frame which is downright painful.
  6. They'd come out with a .380 version before they'd do a .40
  7. I'm betting on a .40.......soon. I have no idea how soon....... but I do have more than a hunch.
  8. The .40 will come out before the .380 version.
  9. Cool story

    That would mean one of two things. First, Springfield left some “meat on the bone” in their attempt to make it as small and light as possible to complete with other small and light dedicated 9mms (like, you know, the P365) OR Springfield beefs up the 40S&W version.

    I personally don’t believe either of those have or will happen, but who knows. These sort of threads are always funny. Kind of reminds me of all the people asking for the 9mm “version” of the G42 when it came out years ago.

    People never use logic. They just stomp their feet and want their caliber of choice.

    Maybe it will happen. Time will tell. Handling the Hellcat didn’t give me the feeling it was up to the 40S&W, which brings more pressure, more energy, and a lot more pounding and wear and tear to the gun.
  10. Yeah damn...

    How about worry about something a little more important than capacity and recoil, like whether or not the gun is up to the added abuse the 40S&W brings to the table?
  11. As BAC has been pointing out, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You would loose the main feature of this gun (high cap/small footprint).
    Why would Springfield engineer a gun for the two of you who still want a .40?......
  12. or those that want a 9mm PPK!
  13. I have a Kahr CM40, it's tiny. I'd like to have just a bit more grip to hang on to and a couple more rounds would be nice.
    I'd buy a .40 Hellcat.
  14. Springfield has always been more friendly to .40 guys (and gals) than most makers.
  15. Exactly
  16. Maybe their goal was to leave enough material to do a .40 on the same platform. Or maybe they just bump the whole thing up a smidge like Sig did from 238 to 938. After seeing the slide on their XDS in .45, I don't think there is any problem other than they will have to reduce capacity.
  17. Maybe so

    Like I said, it has to be one of the two.

    However, I believe Springfield’s main objective with the Hellcat was to compete with the P365, which is selling like hot cakes. Why would they bulk it up more than they had to just to sell a much less popular caliber? Makes no sense to me, but we’ll see I guess.
  18. It would still be a high cap .40, for it's size. It would probably hold 9 with the smallest mag, 11 with the extended.
  19. The spec differences between 9 and 40 are not nearly as great as those from .380 to 9.

    9 and 40 share the same bullet length requirements. Springfield has proven that bullet width isn't much of a limit to them.

    I certainly grasp what you're saying but given Springfield's track record and the fact that they made the XDs in .45, I'm not going to be shocked if they do a .40 hellcat. In fact, the more I think about it, I'd say it's likely. This is a different scenario than people hoping for a 9mm Luger PPK.
  20. Very true. The difference in size and pressure of the 9mm is much closer to the 40 than it is to the 380, not even close.

    That being said, the 40 does still put a good deal more abuse on the gun. Considering the main objective of the Hellcat was to be as small and light as possible for 9mm, I just don’t see them building it for something larger.

    Hey, I’ve been wrong before, so we’ll see. After handling the Hellcat, I’ll be impressed if Springfield can engineer a gun that small and light to stand up to a constant barrage of 40S&W.
  21. The Hellcat XL will be released long before a .40 Hellcat.
  22. Definitely
  23. Without a doubt
  24. My bet is no .40 and no .380.
    Why would they? The can sell all the 9mm guns they want. What they SHOULD do is bring out a 10 rd. mag for those folks behind enemy lines. There is a Blue State market there, and right now it is OWNED by the 365.
  25. What? Nobody wants a Hellcat in .45GAP?
  26. With a stagger stack mag, it shouldn't lose a whole lot capacity.
  27. I agree that they will sell all the 9mm guns that they can produce.

    In the future there will be a HELLCAT .40 but who knows when......????

  28. It appears as though there may be more than two who still want a HELLCAT .40.

    We shall see what happens, won't we ???
  29. There were a ton of folks who wanted a 9mm G42 also. :supergrin:
  30. When they redesign it...
  31. Since it's bigger/heavier than my CM40 (that has had a constant barrage of 40) I would say it shouldn't take a whole lot of engineering to make one that will hold up.
  32. I thought the Kahr's slide was a little bulkier than the P365 or Hellcat...
  33. I want one in 45 ACP.

    If you're going big and all.
  34. But it will be a single stack unless it has a larger grip frame.
  35. The hellcat is 9 staggered so the mag/grip wouldn't need to be wider to accommodate the 40. Just fewer rounds. 1 or 2 less.
  36. Ok maybe 4 or 5....
    In the country
  37. New gun, dead caliber? Not going to happen.
  38. In theory maybe, But a G19 is a double stack and to fit 40 S&W in the same magazine, it's 2 less but in a staggered stack magazine it would likely be more, like 3 of 4 less which would result in a 7 or 8 round capacity.
  39. Probably nine
  40. I don't believe so. Even in the single stack XDs models, where it would be even more pronounced, it's just 1 less.

    Time will tell.
  41. many guns arent made in .40 anymore because they just dont sell.
  42. Glock gen 5....
  43. my lgs has cases full of used gen 3s and 4s in .40 gathering dust, why build a new one?
  44. Heck Yes!
  45. I do think they'll do line extensions based off the current model for quite sometime

    I would jump all over a .380 that offered more capacity at just a bit more width than the Ruger LCP
  46. The manufacturers are going to make whatever sells and right now, that is a 9mm.
  47. Reliability with a WML? :D
  48. More than a hunch? Inside information? You're among friends here and you can tell us, can't you?
  49. He works for/with Springfield
  50. Yes, 9mm is all the rage these days, which is fine with me.