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Hellcat for the 51st ?

  1. Well dudes I got a Sig P365 for my birthday last year from wife for my 50th birthday. Well today is my 51st Birthday and I think I want the Hellcat too....anybody out there have both ??
  2. Did you find yourself in a situation where one more round was going to make a difference between life, and death? I own a P365, and can't think of any reason in the world as to why I would want a Hellcat. Springfield will never see another penny of my earnings.
  3. Unlike the first response, I do have both, well actually the P365XL and the Hellcat. I've come to appreciate flat triggers that break at 90 deg. So if I had the P365, I would trade out the curved trigger for a flat one.

    Its also much more than just the 1 round, as I find the Hellcat more ergonomic for me. I ride high on the grip and the P365XL take down lever will dig into the first knuckle on my thumb. A discomfort I don't experience with the Hellcat.

    The HellCat is obviously not as accurate as the 365XL and that is understandable, but I couldn't presume to speak for the P365 direct comparison.

    Nothing wrong with having both and finding which one works better for you all the Springfield hate aside.
  4. I don't have either, but don't let that stop you. Happy birthday!
  5. Thanks
  6. I have a P365. I love it. I've found its performance and function to be flawless and carry it daily. Recent research and inspection of the Hellcat had me intrigued. An opportunity presented itself today that was too good to pass up. A pre-owned but unfired and, for all intents and purposes, BNIB Hellcat is now in my possession. I'm very anxious to shoot and compare both pistols.
  7. :birthday:
  8. happy born day
  9. Please let me know what you think
  10. SA ain't getting any other dime of my money EVER.
  11. You need both for dual wield mode!

    Happy B day!
  12. Why not? Think of many more happy birthdays and new guns.
  13. To me they are more alike than different. I would rather get something that fills a void in my collection....
  14. Yes, of course. You need both too. Why not? I prefer the Hellcat for a number of reasons - superior sights, "better", more hand-filling ergos, and capacity. No you don't need both, but need doesn't factor into this.
  15. good point, looking at a Ruger SR45 also
  16. I have a P365 and would also like to have a Hellcat.
  17. Seems like a good excuse, opps I meany reason, to get a gun to me!
  18. I have a 365. I don't think a Hellcat will displace it (bigger size, one more round, not sure i NEED to switch), but I want a Hellcat. Patton sums it up. It is your birthday. You should probably have both. Just... BECAUSE!

    And I hope to join you shortly in having both! I haven't shot the Hellcat. Dry firing, I did like my two365's triggers better, but some have stated there is a bit of variability in the Hellcat trigger (some are measuring 5lb 5oz pulls, some 6lb, 5oz pulls!), so n=1, and I am withholding final judgment. heck, it could simply mean some folks need to calibrate their trigger gauges! The one I felt wasn't terribly smooth.
  19. I don’t have a 365 or a Hellcat but I DO have an SR45. Great pistol!
  20. OP ... yeah, it's your bday so if the money isn't an issue, go for it!

    Regarding the Ruger SRs ...

    I feel they are one of the most under appreciated handguns out there.

    I have an SR9 I shoot in competition and for whatever reason, I shoot it better than any other Glock I have. Rock solid reliability, accurate, great ergos. Has a safety, but set up to be optional use. Yes, has a magazine block so won't fire round if mag is out, but that's one youtube video and 90 seconds to remove it, fully reversible. Just throwing in my 2 cents.
  21. SIG fans heavily touted capacity as something that made a pistol like a G43 and many others "obsolete" and labeled the 365 as a benchmark. Does a non LE/Military person need more than 5,6,7,8 rounds? Likely (hopefully) never, but I'll bet no one ever said "I wish I had one less round".

    As to the OP question. I owned both and now only own the Hellcat. It is definitely NOT because it holds an additional round. Both the 365 and HC have capacity covered well. My reasons are the overall ergos, sights, grip circumference and most importantly to me the grip angle. Having stated my reasons, I'll say that the 365 is a fine pistol. I don't see why so many need to be cult-ish on their decisions. I vote with my wallet, not opinion.
  22. I have read alot of good and some bad about the SR45 on the interweb