Heaven and hell

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    So there are these two best friends and they are driving to school together and then all of the sudden a duck comes out in front of the car. They swurve off the and they crash and both die. One friend goes to hell and one goes to heaven. So the guy in heaven is looking around and he says to himself, "This is really boring." So he goes up to god and says,"I would've thought heaven would be more exciting. All heaven is is angels flying around and being peaceful." So god says well that is what heaven is." The friend says,"Well can I go see my best friend in hell?" God says," "We have madearrangements with hell and you can go down to see your friend.
    So as he is in hell he is looking around and he see's his friend there with a really hot girl with nice boobs, long legs and a perfect ass. His friend also has a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. So he says to his friend,"Wow it looks like you are having a better time here in hell than I was in heaven." His friend says," NO, NOT REALLY. THE BOTTLE OF JACK DANIELS HAS A HOLE IN IT AND THE GIRL DOESN'T!!!!"