heat required for pregnancy?

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    Apr 24, 2004
    Hey all

    I was wondering if a dog is required to be in heat in order to get pregnant? The reason I ask is because I went for a visit to the parents with my Boxer. My sister has a miniature dachsund. For almost the entire time I was there, about a week, her dog continuously tried mounting my Boxer.

    I just laughed it off and thought it was funny because his whole body barely covered one side of her hind quarters and there was no way he could reach her, and she kept slapping him down. I could not understand why he kept trying to mount her as she was not even in heat and no other dogs attempted to mount her.

    Well, now I am home about three weeks later and I just noticed that her breast are starting to swell and produce milk. I have seen her do this before but that was after a false pregnancy right after a heat. It has been about two months since her last heat. I am beginning to wonder if he did in fact manage to penetrate her, perhaps while she was laying down or something.

    Although I know I will have to take her to the vet to find out for sure. Can anyone say without a doubt whether or not a heat is actually required for her to become pregnant?