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Hearing protection using my Remington model 7 and for hunting (????)

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I know I'm probably late to the party in getting electronic hearing protection but I finally picked up a pair of Howard Leight muffs and I'm suitably impressed. Only used them once at the range with my Remington 7 .223 varmint rifle and my PSA M4. After adjustment it was easy to here conversations at the range. So well that I even tried them hunting. Showed some potential in that as well.

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What model, how much, gotta link to the specific model?

That info might be in the video, but I find videos painfully slow, whereas I can read very fast :)

Was in a blind, opening day, buck came by 3 minutes into my hunt. I had only started to get my ear plugs around my neck (on a cord), and was going to just place them on the edge of my ears, then push in for the shot.

Only had time to push one in, then BOOM! Wasn't too loud, though. Was a .30-06, with muzzle sticking out of the blind :)
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